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  1. What, only 1.3k ess/hour? I manage 1.8k using super restores :? No wonder it took that long :mrgreen: Cause I only ran when spa worked, and walked the rest of my familiar, so I ran about 50% of the time
  2. I used abbys+lurker+spa for all those deaths (65-70 straight) and averaged 1.3k ess an hour I know ZMI would have been faster, but I liked doing it old-school :mrgreen:, and some profit doesn't hurt either
  3. It was a hard road, with 23k deaths to craft, but I made it :thumbsup: Thanks martin, and thanks ZP for the support
  4. First I got 80 slayer: Then I got 70 summoning and 120 combat :thumbsup: Rate/Hate
  5. The P arch kept and kept bothering me indeed, so I just went along, kind of keeping the damage to a minimum, after the finishing of the Z I started to wonder how to make so good a P to match it, and failed :wall: My next drawing will be quite a bit better though :), starting a new technique, not spoiling yet though 8-)
  6. Black Gel pen on paper, result: My attempt to get a good black and white version of it, but I'm horrible with those kind of programs... If anyone could make a better version of it :pray: And some steps of it: [hide=]Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: [/hide]
  7. Nice stats, but get a firecape to complete the slayer set :wink: pretty doable with your lv 8/10
  8. Don't forget to take me next time :P JK Gratz on the nice drops AOD FTW!
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