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  1. 3 rounds of a godsword or 3 rounds of dds spec. Pick your poison. gs's and dds in f2p o.O?
  2. pretty lucky :D get a titan or bunyip behind you instead using melee protect when pietying :shock:
  3. why not a titan? It heals + it helps you kill those bastards :? you are one lucky nub! give me your luck please ?
  4. dragonkin from using full dragon on the pad ? :wall:
  5. I own at PVP \ Hopefully the dragon items will finally stop crashing so I actually CAN sell them
  6. naw I traded 3 ruined pieces + 1m cash for it :D soloed 4 pieces, duo'd 1 piece CS ftw and 1 is from the quest Im poor, damn skills.. take too much of my money :cry:
  7. Yes, because everyone under 130 IQ is an immature, obnoxious idiot. :roll: Pretty much. I'd even go as far as to say 140. I hope you're kidding.... less than 1% has an IQ of more than 140. I know for a fact that I got an IQ lvl of around 125. The normal is around 100, so I really hope you're not serious. I looked and did the first IQ test I found. 127 IQ, age 16. Intrenet IQ tests ftw!!
  8. Exactly, why do you have so many :shock: 10/10 200+ kills no claws for me :cry:
  9. 10/10 I'd like to get one too as a drop instead of those damn claws!
  10. 2/10 because I just got 81 fletching my self.. OWNED!!1!11!1oneshift2130312949031241 and stuff like that naw, grats on the fletch level, and goodluck + have fun when going to 99!
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