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  1. 99 Banked but stopping at 90, because I can't stand training prayer :wall:
  2. [ TRACKER ]: [fletching] exp gains for arvid75 in last 1day: 2,867,520 | 1wk: 5,742,541 | 4wks: 7,685,974 Completed 99-99 in 11 days. But I had exams so not that much time to play. I made broad arrows, I lost ~10M but I don't care.
  3. Euhm...Some people have 100's banked. Nothing special. 1/10 i guess
  4. I still don't get why people buy santa's and masks..for the looks I guess. Nice stats and bank tho :P
  5. I don't do fally and relekka, fail rewards.. I should do Karamja and Varrock tho...
  6. I don't like con, I probably gonna get 99 herblore, but 99 farm, noty :P First 99 slayer, and like 95 Sum, then 99 prayer. Then see.
  7. Hi. 23M Attack exp., going for 20M strength exp. atm. Random WCing Random mining 70 Rc, all you need. Glories... Boringest skill ever. Don't flame l0l. Already needed magic logs for 80 :oops: Can't stand FM. Costed me 32M from 83 Rate/hate! O and I merchant. 5th kill ever tbh
  8. First -> 10th left half Next kill = coins Then.. Luck much?!
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