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  1. You are not doing it right, you are not getting enough kills per hour. Also the prices haven't crashed since my data, infact ganodermic flakes are stable and seeds have only gone up, how the hell do you get 2.6m less profit per hour comparing soa and polypore when you only use 1k spells an hour which is 1.5m more and should be getting 60 more kills? Oh wait, i just realised your not using a cannon.
  2. Effigy each 63.3mins Effigy each 47.5mins @offquote: Would you mind telling me what drops do you usually get per trip or try to make a drop rate? Also can you tell me how many spells/hr and other supplys in both cases? Thanks in advance. 1k spells, 6 p pots 3 ovls 30 or so unicorn scrolls and a unicorn. After 180 kills i usually have ~3k flakes and ~10k spores, along with 4-5 250k seed drops (either magic or torstol), add this to 1-2 sticks about 10 30k seed drops 1-2 palms yews and papayas and usually at least one raw materials drop from the RDT, this adds up to about 4.5m-5m, taking balls and polypore spells away gets you 3m profit and hour, 1 kill =~25k Oh and about 15 blue charms and hour i dont pick up crimsons due to room but i estimate 5-10 of those and hour. A-log should show my effigy drops to somewhat validate my credentials
  3. The spawn rate is still the same. I use about 3.5k cannon balls a unicorn, i assume that i unicorn = 1 hour as you have to bank inbetween them (unless you don't pick up drops as drops are the bank determining factor) When i use a polypore staff i manage 180 kills an hour, with 3m profit. When i use storm of armadyl i manage 240 kills an hour with 2m profit. My setup is ahrims, arcane spirit sheild, arcane stream and the staff depends on spell i use and i use overloads. I would like to think i get close to max kills per hour, as i effectively lure and always kill the closest one with my magic etc
  4. Nice generic response Aiel i know it's linked to combat levels, but i assume jagex aren't too happy with rc being trained faster with cave crawlers, ganodermics are even faster, so maybe they broke the connection early before it got too out of control, i'll spend another 10 hours down there and see how i go, it's just that i got 12 in my first 9 hours, then none in the next 6, just kinda dramatic change that is all.
  5. Thanks, i guess i will keep at it
  6. I don't believe it to be so, i have heard similar stories from others, the chances of me getting none when i should of got 8 is so incredibly minute, and i know your response was not based on experience either.
  7. I have been cannoning ganodermics and was averaging 1-1.5 effigies an hour, recently i have recieved none in the last 6 hours, where i should have recieved about 8, am i getting really unlucky or are you experiencing the same thing? So cut, was making 3m and getting over 1 effigy per hour
  8. Removing f2per's and inactive players from the highscores is genuinly a great idea for increasing the competitiveness of the highscores, providing the existing format of the highscores is also kept as a hall of fame.
  9. Oh wow, certainly an interesting read, i only just realised that Elias used to be Back2Pray, that means the Elias used my gilded alter a long long time ago and i'm fairly sure he gave me a donation like many others did back when there were few gilded alters available. I remember being proud of having a high ranked player in prayer with a yellow phat using my alter, also have fun in Australia Elias, it's a great place to be :)
  10. I would like to get 75-81 hunter, and i would also like to get it as fast as possible, hunter isn't a skill i enjoy, so the less time spent doing it the better :) Any tips/ideas on how to do this?
  11. Yeah i would put it down to my internet connection, it's not great and I'm losing ticks all the time, i will try a German world.
  12. It seems you're meant to be able to get about 600k xp per hour but i can only manage 450k by doing mahogany tables, i use a demon butler and i don't use the sawmill method, is there something i'm missing? Or do i simply have to get better and use mousekeys?
  13. What happened to turmoil + rapier + cannon? I find it quicker, and it's alot cheaper, alot more attention though i suppose, but it's a lot more enjoyable.
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