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  1. Hey, my AirSoftGun club is taking part in a competiton and is close to winning. This is quite important for us, so I would really appeciate you clicking "like" on the link I have posted below. C'mon guys, the competiton ends at 23:59 (so like in exactly 3 hours from now). I am counting on you :) Thanks in advance :D http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=251743728197733&set=a.251743614864411.59604.120305174674923&type=1&permPage=1
  2. pomar1

    Last Day Hunting

    Started day with some slayer mob killing - Bloodvelds... Kinda boring but many charms dropped :D Achived 51 Summoning! Later I was racing with my bro, who will get more gold from stealing from H.A.M gem's chests. Time: 20 min. 260k per 20 minutes is kinda good record, huh :P ? Unfortunatly my bro got 300k and won. That's it today! #Update Last thing today was barrow trip... and nothing actually dropped. Sad :/ But that was first trip I did w/o using even one dose of prayer potion :D Also used about 100 death runes, and drop was 256 d' runes. So I lost no cash on that trip.
  3. Thats what I thought when I first opened it. Lol, I wish I have such muscles! :P
  4. 1. Hey, Pat :D 2. It took me 2 hrs total. I dont know how much time drawing (scretch, anatomy model,painting and shading) exacly took, but whole is 2hrs (including browsering websites, fishing in RS etc.) Probably that's slow, but I am just starting with GIMP + new tablet :P
  5. Apps: MS Paint + Gimp (only pixel art functions. no blending etc.) Time: ~2 hours I know shading is not blended but I really like how it come out, so I don't need to waste time on blending shadows :) Also here is some Flash Guide Book, made in exacly same style (for me it looks awsome :D ) :
  6. Today I was training Summoning. Gotta about lv 50. I have to get to 56 - Ibis will be usefull for my Fishing 99 Achivement. Actually Summoning made me sleepy ( and took another 500k ) and I decided to draw something, so here is my today entry - my pixel portrait :D Cya for today :D Gotta much work to do!
  7. Today I wasted pretty much cash (which I got y'day) - about 500k - on getting 49 Summoning. Yet I was also completing my 112 Fire Giants task, becouse I haven't done it y'day (found my new Slayer Staff too much enjoyable to keep slaying those giants). From this, second, part of Fire Giants trip I have recived 54k loot, which gives me total 113k for the task and almost 2 Slayer lv's. Pretty cool! Today I won't be probably RuneScape'ing too much, becouse I have to write a few Flash programing tutorials. So I'm off and see ya tomorrow :D Accout status: 62,164,000gp
  8. pomar1

    Third Day Of Triping

    I don't have requirements yet. If I have, I will do the quest :) (5 ranged lvls more)
  9. At last I got my level 55 Slayer, so now I can use Slayer Staff to make my Barrows Trips cheaper and easier. 500 exp left to 76 Contribution Level 1,4k exp left to 75 Defence Level 2,3k exp left to 50 Prayer Level :D (Got some bonies from Fire Giants ) #Update After that I've made 2 barrows trips, but unfortunatly I haven't been given with any part of armor. Just a bit of cash and runes. Right then I came back to do some TzHaar Raiding, and this is drop from 2h trip: I recognized that Legends Cape is much worse than Obsidian Cape, so I won't sell my obby :D Reached level 76 in Contribution Reached level 75 in Defence After sale I have account status: 62,825,000gp Pretty soon reaching 63m again :D
  10. After some easter events I was able to log into the world of RuneScape again :) As I sold my Obsidian Shield y'day I had to get new one. So I went to hunt some TzHaar. From this trip I have looted: Obsidian Shield - about 209k 39k Tokkul - half way to next Obby Shield - 1/3 of Obby Cape Some loot (including gems, tips etc.) sold for 59k Whole trip time: ~1 hour Now I recived new slayer task - 122 Cave Crawlers. Meaby not so awsome but it will be kinda relaxing :) Also it will give me some new charms to produce more summoning pouches, and meaby some rare dtops - shield left half or key pieces. #Update After this relaxing and quiet trip I have 9,5k exp left to 54 Slayer lv and 89k cash from loot (mostly herbs). Trip took me about 1h. While doing this trip I also got 78 Attack lv. Yet another cool slayer task - 188 Lesser Demons :) That's going to be fun! #Update Lesser demons were a bit boring. Only 34k loot + 5 Crimson Charms , but 54 Slayer lv :D Oh, next sick task... Again I have elves. But last time I had only 60 - now 88! I hate traveling through this forest lands, so far away from bank (No Mouring Ends completed...). Just hoping to get level or good loot :) First "load" ( 45 elves gone ) - 41k from loot (2x full green d'hide) + charms + runes Second "load" ( 43 elves done ) - 51k from loot ( this time 3x full green d'hide set ) + MANY charms (2xBlue :D ) + of course runes Total 101k ( forgot to mention about dropped cash from elves ) + charms and runes Almost 55 Slayer ! #Update Probably last slayer task - 112 Fire Giants. Kinda cool and fast exp. I have to get 5k Slayer exp to 55 and my Slayer Staff :D Account status: 62,506,000gp
  11. You mean this: "Also I gave 3m to my bro for his whip" ? I dont know the gameplay of private servers, but as programer I am pretty interested in their construction (Reading and thinking about private servers open source code isn't illegal I think) :) Networking in JAVA is pretty cool.
  12. Did you ever start new game with full equipment? Or did you ever press this cool "Register" button in any MMORPG and BAM! you recived almost everything in the game? It's something like private server - you have what you want. And that's why and how this blog begins. "Luckly earned 60m in one day" You know, I used to be same player as most of you - working hardly for this first abyssal whip, fishing all day long to get some cash. Actually I gave up on half year ago. I was fishing monkies and selling raws for 600gp each. I got 87 fishing and "only" 12m on my bank account. I decided to do something cool before I leave - so I bought Green Halloween Mask. Dan it was worth about 11m. Bought it and left RuneScape for 6 months... [...] Two days ago I wanted to check how it's going on RuneScape. So I logged in, examined all cool improvements and something told me to check how much is my mask worth... DAMN! 70m! I knew it was a great moment to come back and play again. So -- fast as hell -- I bought subscription, sold my mask and TA-DA! I am new millionaire. At the beginning I knew how to spend my cash - full guthan + abyssal whip. Total? About 5m. Also I gave 3m to my bro for his whip - he want to do some alchemy again. And now... I am not sure what to do with the cash. I dont want to waste it on some kind of godsword or bandos armor - I just dont need it! Starting to feel like playing RuneScape private server - damn! I can have everything! I should be happy, but I am exhaused becouse of thinking how to spend cash. What I'm going to do with the blog? Mostly post my records, some trips, loots and cool events in RuneScape live :) And of course - my ideas of spending over 60m gold! #EDIT 1: Other topic - Quests. As I came back to RS and got my money, I recived great chance to bring my Crafting level up to 61! Needling some green dragon hides I got my level and at last I was able to do one of the coolest quests in the game - Lunar Diplomacy! Quest itselve and reward are so awsome!
  13. Heh, I knew I dont know pixel art as good as before :P My last sig was this in my signature - and it was probably best :D Yet - it was a bit of time, and I have forgotten a bit o' things. But good critism is really usefull, becouse now I remember to smooth the lines :thumbsup: But I still dont think this sig is as good as my sigs used to... P.S. Feel free to use this sig from my signature - just gimme credit :)
  14. New pixel signature - 100% MS Paint - blur of frame and transparency in GIMP. About 3h of work. Ver Updated: Rate, opinions - all the things :)
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