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Last Day Hunting

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Started day with some slayer mob killing - Bloodvelds... Kinda boring but many charms dropped :D


Achived 51 Summoning!


Later I was racing with my bro, who will get more gold from stealing from H.A.M gem's chests. Time: 20 min.


260k per 20 minutes is kinda good record, huh :P ? Unfortunatly my bro got 300k and won.


That's it today!



Last thing today was barrow trip... and nothing actually dropped. Sad :/ But that was first trip I did w/o using even one dose of prayer potion :D Also used about 100 death runes, and drop was 256 d' runes. So I lost no cash on that trip.

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The H.A.M gem chests is a great way to get free sapphire necklaces and emerald rings; plus a whole other lot of gems and jewelery. You should write a guide about it :thumbup:

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