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  1. Noone knew? Wow.. Yeah, theres going to be a new MMO geared towards those of us more mature than the fourteen and fifteen year olds of RS. Its pretty self explanatory.
  2. Raktuber -> April 20 - May 23 Raktuber is mentioned in the Chaos Elemental letter for this month, suggesting something BIG incoming between those dates. Now there is just that small, little part with date and nothing else, right? There are a LOT of clues pointing at a goblin-quest, which noone cares about, which Jagex probably would know. Why would they do that? Why would they paste clues ALL over that Postbag about just one thing. Jagex has NEVER done that with any "secret" update its planned. Its always be really simple and hard to figure out. Like our date. Why? MechScape. We were told by Jagex at E3 that it'll be out in quarter one, which is where most of Raktuber falls into. We're getting a hint about the game. If anything doesnt make sense in that letter (Or in the ones to follow), post it here!
  3. I KNOW WHAT THE RAKTUOBER OR W/E THING IS! ITS THE BEGINNING OF MECHSCAPE! It all just clicked. Jagex stated that they'll be releasing MechScape in Q1 of this coming year. Raktuober (or w/e) FALLS IN THAT TIME PERIOD!
  4. No, they arent also "skillcapes". They're just something someone can buy. Skillcapes were originally a sign of dedication to a skill, but now they're just something someone has. Its pathetic. Nooby skillcapes (Ones people can buy): Firemaking Cooking Fletching Ranged (WHY?!!) Common skillcapes (One you cant buy, but see often) Strength Hitpoints Attack Thieving Woodcutting Magic Summoning Uncommon skillcapes (Ones you dont see too often, and are fairly difficult to achieve) Mining Slayer Construction (Seriously, it just drains cash.) Prayer Smithing Agility Herblore Masterful Skillcapes (You gotta love the skill to get these) Crafting Farming Hunter Runecrafting NOTE: By "buying" I mean a skill you can achieve just by having cash. Normally fairly quick to get as well.
  5. I havent done the quest yet, but I've got a theory. When fighting, guerrilla soldiers use ANYTHING they can get their hands on. Doesnt matter who its from, so long as it kills, they'll use it. Assuming those Zamorak warriors have been down there for a bit, maybe their swords fell apart/broke/were lost and they found some sort of armory of Saradomin's, which contained the swords.
  6. Sadly, they arent 12... They're 15 or 16. These are the pathetic kids in your classes who spend more time goofing off, laughing at you for studying and generally being [bleep]s than attempting to do something with their lives. They're the kids who think its funny to go around RS posing as chicks and messing with your head. They're the little immature f---tards who would rather ruin something for someone than let them enjoy it. Next time anyone see a kid like this, knee him in the groin. People like them shouldnt procreate.
  7. Useless mod. He should lose his position for that..Kick him from your clan. I'm sorry, but any mod that goes THAT LOW shouldnt be one. "Oh boy, which clan member am I going to report today?".. Anyways, there isnt much Jagex can do about it, besides complain to the Embassy or maybe the State Department and its not like they give a f--- either. And its such a minor "federal crime" your clanmate isnt going to end up in prison...Christ, that REALLY pisses me off.. GOOD AND MORAL?! ARE YOU HIGH?! WTF IS MORAL ABOUT SNITCHING ON ONE OF YOUR BUDDIES?! He isnt doing anything to harm the person's connection, and while YES its wrong, the other person should care enough to secure the line. How would you like it if someone snitched on you for something that menial? Such a petty reason to report someone...What, hes got a quota or something?
  8. Could be a few things; notice allusion to words both "forgive" and "forget" here. Wouldn't be surprised if a new quest is named "forgive and forget", or if they were new prayers. Don't know what "BY" stands for. Well, certainly starts with a Phoenix familiar, seems pretty clear there. Could be a goblin reference as well; they are Bandos worshippers. The word "old" is used seven times here; can't be an accident. First, BY is more than likely Baba Yaga, as they seem to be initials. Second, there are SIX goblin storyline quest, the next will be the seventh, again proving my theory. Jagex is making it blindingly obvious that there'll be yet another goblin quest...They must be really excited about it..
  9. First paragraph: Two anagrams, I'll bet. Wouldnt be the first time Jagex has pulled something like that....Frozen fishies, though, seems to refer to the penguins, so I guess we'll be getting ANOTHER penguin quest..Shadow shift..Maybe an Abyssal Demon reference? I know it sounds silly, but it makes sense.. Second (The letter): Nial (Nail maybe?) might be a reference to the next paragraph, but the initials B.Y. are probably a better hint..Whose got the initials "B.Y." in RuneScape? (Gavati, I had the same reaction :P) EDIT: Its Baba Yaga. DOI! Wow..Cant believe it took me two seconds to find that.. Third: Phoenix. I heard the rumors and this confirms them. How can you NOT see that its a Dorgeshunn reference?! I mean, even the Duke of Lumbridge implied that "goblin relations will improve". Its got NOTHING to do with Bandos coming back/giving us stuff/God Wars. If the words "old chum, old temple, old plots, old power" dont give you a hint, read the letter directly above it. Bandos is just a hint to goblins. They cant just say "goblins" can they? Fourth: I agree. Its gotta be a Zaros reference. And King, were you wearing an invisibility ring?
  10. Anything with the following: -ahem- Associations with FPS/Military terms like Sniper, Stealth, Recon or Spec Ops related words (SEALs, etc) in the name Anything to do with gangs, "da hood" or other such related terms/words Anything with car names. Seriously, who the f--- calls their clan "The Ferraris".... Anything involving drugs, sex or alcohol. Anything involving another game. Anything with Shadow, Black Knight, Uber, Pwnage or any other "leet speak" or stupid, idiotic generic names that a four year old could come up with. Anything thats too long for someone to say without look back at their screens just to make sure they're typing it right! I mean you, you Warhunger RuneScape..... (Checks screen) Warriors? And for those of you who hate the clans with "Runescape" in the name, let me remind you that RSD is consistently in the top 10 clan rankings and could send your sorry clan back to recruiting in Lumbridge if they felt bored. In general, I dont see much of the stupid names now and I really dont care, but I think we all can agree that some clan named "Recon Sniper" or some BS like that will be loathed to the fullest extent. Plus, the name of a clan DOES matter. I mean, who would be scared of some clan called "The Fairies"?
  11. Are there some videos that actually cover PKing TACTICS instead of having someone running round bragging about their drops? Or maybe even a topic somewhere? I'd F2P and P2P but anything is great! Stats if you want em: 77 Attack/80 69 Strength/70 75 Defence/80 93 Ranged/99 86 HP/90 57 Prayer/60 75 Magic/82 94 CB
  12. you guys got a cool website =P~ and has a nice members list.. and we haven't fought yet.................... I am in Last knight btw. Havent heard of LK (And noone has heard of mine), but if you were in the 100+ AoD, you guys dont flame as much as the 70+ and you're good CWers.
  13. I'm making a Ranged guide just for this reason... Yaks, Taverly Blues, Fire Giants and Dagannoths are a bad idea, as they're always crowded. At 78, try Greater Demons in the Gu'Tanoth Dungeon or the Orge Pen above Ardougne (Its a little crowded, but you can normally find a decent world) until about 80. Then from 80 to 85, you could try Blues in Taverly or the Hellhounds with a Cannon, but neither are really decent xp given the amount of time and people there. From 85+, powertraining at Karamja Lessers is good, as you'll deal great damage with iron or black knives and a couple Ranged pots. If you're really into Ranged and have a lot of patience, download Swift Kit and find a monster with about 60-80 HP, about 75-90 combat and is heavily concentrated in certain areas. Also, a worlds total population affects the spawn rate, so try to find a world with 1200-1500 people on.
  14. You should use the Magic Carpet to Polliniveach (Cant spell it ><), then go South and across that bridge NW of the DT Pyramid, then go dead West to Nardah. The Custodian is in the large building to the North when you enter the city. You will most likely have a puzzle box too. Just in case that isnt right, go to Zybez and look at their city guides and find Nardah.
  15. I did it at 80 Ranged, with only 70 Defence, but Ranged doesnt solve everything. Follow the guides and do what they say, or else you'll be in a very bad bind. I had 63-64 Magic going into the quest, so if you can do ALL the bolt spells (Or at least to Earth Bolt), I doubt you'll have a problem. Another solution is to do Family Crest and get the Chaos Gauntlets. It'll be a little slower, but more cost effective. Honestly, levels are redundant, as I know some Strength pures with 10 Defence who ripped through DT and level 90+s who were dominated and have given up on it. For this quest, just follow the instructions. I wouldnt advise using the Zybez guides as there is so much there that isnt needed and instead using the Runescape.wikia guides as they cut through the BS, have plenty of space between steps and are generally more to the point. I find it VERY hard to find anything on the Zybez guides, let alone concentrate on the quest. Good luck.
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