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  1. Wowzers, that's a lot of feathers!! : Do take care not to get discouraged by how many you have to go, look at how many you've used!!
  2. I don't about all of you, but I've got like 160k+ right now online, or so I read.
  3. Yous is looking lots like this kid I used to hang out with a lot named christian >_> :ohnoes:
  4. To quote that janitor guy from futurama.. Second.
  5. The restart worked, thankfully. Thank you both :D I'd've never thought of restarting it haha.
  6. Well that sucks for me then, I've no idea what's wrong with it... [hide=what I get when trying to get to it][/hide]
  7. Whenever I try to go to the homepage(or any other page on the runescape main site) it says it's unavailable. I can go anywhere but there...Am I alone in this problem? Or does anyone know what's up with it?
  8. [hide=Dont look][hide=its bad][hide=real bad][hide=last warning]Here's Darkling. Goofers. The vain of the vain! ACtually, I'm too shy to put a pic of the abs up, but you know the drill *grin* [/hide][/hide][/hide][/hide]
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