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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!! Long time, no post?! Maybe I'll see you in the Forum Games? ^_^

  2. Grade<333 Ya, I always used to use that one. Still would, if it weren't for the fact that Skype took over for Windows Messenger. :( <333 I haven't had much time to play lately because of work, so my plan failed totally, but I will come back again to play more as soon as I have less to do irl. :D
  3. Thanks for all the support, guys. :wub: As you probably realized I haven't been on here since the 1300 total and 79 RCing (which is more than 2 years ago now.. Time flies!). What I did just after though is I got my cooking and FM from 80/81 up to 93/93 and my total level is now 1325. Happy to see that F2P players are back on the hiscores and when killing some cockroaches the other day I decided to play as often as possible again. Just for fun this time, and I'll see where that takes me. |^_^| (Irl still has my brains most of the time.) IF you read this, please do respond, so that I know that you are still playing again, so that I can add you if you've changed your ingame name or if you're playing on another account now. ;) Cheers :twss: Zuper
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  5. Happy Birthday Zzzup! <3

  6. Happy birthday, Z-Man! :D

  7. <3: For a while, anyway. :D Decided I'd try the RuneSpan, and finally got this runecrafting level: :)
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