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  1. Haven't updated for a few days but I've now achieved quite a few targets and managed to get all of my skills above level 30 :D I have also now achieved: 50 Slayer 39 Farming 30 Summoning 39 Construction 62 Crafting
  2. A very good detailed blog, it's enjoyable to see how someone with such similar stats to mine approaches the game and their methods of training. Keep it up and see you in Hyt chat :D
  3. I haven't posted up in a few days so here's a few updates. I completed quite a few quests over the weekend and now have 140 Quest Points I have now achieved 75 Strength 36 Hunter 36 Construction 54 Prayer 48 Slayer 14 Summoning Bought Bandos Chestplate Here's an image update for my stats :)
  4. Some brilliant advice here guys, thanks a lot I really appreciate it. I've already made some progress in a few of the skills and am really enjoying playing the game again so thank you all for making me more aware of these newer skills work I've started a blog to help me keep on track with my goals (link in my sig) This page is handy for anybody looking to start up in these skills thanks again :)
  5. Still looking for this item send me a message in game :)
  6. Updated the OP with the following: New stats :) Targets are coming along nicely at the moment Advanced in the following levels: Attack - From 74 - To 75 Runecrafting - From 67 - To 70 Construction - From 20 - To 23 Constitution - From 73 - To 74 Thieving - From 56 - To 58 Slayer - From 41 - To 44 Hunter - From 33 - To 34 Summoning - From 11 - To 13 Currently I'm training summoning and construction and will be online quite a bit today so come give me a shout if you're around :)
  7. Just hit my first target =] 75 Attack done I also managed to get 70 RuneCrafting i'll post a new stats image up tomorrow and summarise my last few days progress :D
  8. Construction Current Level - 23 Target Level - 50 Knowledge/Experience - None whatsoever With construction I just wanted the most efficient way of reaching my target. I've never spent more than an hour doing this particular skill so I have no idea whether I do like it or not. I guess I've just found it a difficult skill to get any sort of routine with (probably because of the cost mainly) Hunter Current Level - 34 Target Level - 60 Knowledge/Experience - I have very little knowledge in this but I know when I have done it I've enjoyed it :) Compared to construction I haven't struggled to get into this skill it's just I don't have enough knowledge to make the most of it. I'd like some advice on the best areas to go and the best techniques to use. Summoning Current Level - 11 Target Level - 50 Knowledge/Experience - None I don't understand this skill the slightest and need some in depth advice on what to combine, where to get resources and when to move on from one area to another Farming Current Level - 28 Target Level - 50 Knowledge/Experience - I have a basic knowledge of this skill. I understand how the different patches work and the different levels and value of seeds I struggle with this skill the most because I hear people make quite a bit of money from it but I've only ever seemed to lose out with it. I'd like to know if there's any routines where you keep the time between waiting for each seed to grow and planting the next one occupied rather than teleporting around looking for another patch to start up while the other one grows. Herblore Current Level - 33 Target Level - 50 Knowledge/Experience - I think I have more of an understanding of this skill than any of the others mentioned above. Where I feel lost with this skill is the fact that I don't feel I'm earning sufficient experience as I progress through the levels as I stick to making the same potions and wouldn't know where the next step is to gain more experience, faster and at a lower cost. I'm looking for experienced people in each area to advise me on this as I feel my problem is I''ve focused too much on little pieces of advice that are impacting my efficiency in levelling each skill as I stick with those pieces of advice and have no idea where to move on. I currently have around 10mil in my bank and will probably only tackle one of these skills at a team to reach their target, unless it is more suitable to do two or three of these skills simultaneously. Thanks for any help you guys can give it's really appreciated :)
  9. Definitely the friendliest and most welcoming friends chat of all is Serpent Eye's. You'll find a lot of tip.it members in there and everyone always has something interesting to talk about, come join us and let us know you're new :) Simply click on the friends chat icon on the in game tool bar and type in 'Serpent Eye' :) Hope to see you in there soon
  10. Bought this please delete =]
  11. Thanks for all your help guys I've decided to make a blog to try and keep on track a little more with targets it's in my signature :) Thanks for all your help
  12. Thanks guys :) Just a quick update of my past couple of days: Managed to get my first Dragon Defender, was then followed by 4 more :D Reached 74 Constitution 44 Slayer 23 Construction 34 Hunter Completed a few quests including: Monkey Madness Buyers & Cellars Clock Tower Ictharlin's Little Helper Perils of Ice Mountain Smoking Kills Tower of Life Murder Mystery I'm currently working on getting 70 RC and just hit 68 :) Not long now
  13. I previously posted in the Help & Advice looking for some tips on getting back into the game and also how to achieve my targets. So now I've decided I'm going to blog all my progress through my return to RuneScape :) I've purchased members so will be able to carry on in all skills Here's my starting stats: My First Set of Targets 75 Attack - Achieved - 05/06/2012 80 Strength 70 Range 60 Prayer 80 Runecrafting 50 Construction 60 Dungeoneering 60 Agility 50 Herblore 70 Thieving 70 Crafting 99 Fletching 60 Slayer 50 Hunter 85 Mining 85 Smithing 99 Fishing 99 Cooking 99 Firemaking 99 Woodcutting 50 Farming 50 Summoning [spoiler=Stats - 07/06/2012] My latest stats - 12/06/2012 If anyone fancies a chat then add me in game or catch me in Serpent Eye's friends chat :) I'll be updating and making a new post every time I hit a milestone or something interesting happens (such as a good drop)
  14. Hi guys, I've not played Runescape properly for around two years. I was looking into getting back into the game for the summer and have been playing this past week. I've re-bought members and been checking out some new features, but I'm sure there's a lot more updates than I'm aware of. I was a member previously on these forums under either the name samari81 or andrex333 not sure which but I've changed my RS name to x S7ARZ I'm just looking for some help/advice on where to go and what to do. I've been talking to a few people in Serpent Eye's friends chat and learnt a few things but was looking for a little more detail Here's my current stats Ideally I'd like to achieve the following goals: 75 Attack 80 Strength 70 Range 60 Prayer 80 Runecrafting 50 Construction 60 Dungeoneering 60 Agility 50 Herblore 70 Thieving 70 Crafting 99 Fletching 60 Slayer 50 Hunter 85 Mining 85 Smithing 99 Fishing 99 Cooking 99 Firemaking 99 Woodcutting 50 Farming 50 Summoning I have no idea where to start and have found myself jumping every couple of hours between training each skill. From the advice I've received in the tip.it chat I've bought the following armour: D Boots Berserker Ring Verac's Plateskirt Rune Platebody Fury ammy Obsidian Cape Rune Full Helm Abyssal Whip and I've also gone and earned the dragon defender from warrior's guild I have 12mil left in the bank and a few other items (nothing of any significance) and would like to know where I could improve? I'd like to have time to get some decent drops (I've been told some slayer monsters can drop decent items sometimes) Any help will be greatly appreciated and I'm online a lot of the time so hopefully I'll catch you guys in the game! :^_^:
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