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  1. http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=koa18 Very out of practice clan looking for some practice before new PvP comes out when we will probably join ranking events. We have a lot of former PKers, but none of us have really use the PvP system much since 10th December, and the clan hasn't apart from a few clan wars / fight pits events. So we're looking for a few fun inter-clan events against organised people to get some practice before joining any ranking type events. Any format/venue really, we are 100+ and probably 30% of our clan is 130+ so would prefer no level capping. But would happily fight against lower levelled that pull more people. Due to being a mixed clan we probably will only pull 20ish members to a PvP event at the moment. Clan memberlist is pretty up to date, but there are several people on inactivity and may be removed in the next few days. up for anything really, just want some practice against other organised groups rather than just anybody at clan wars etc.. We need practice ready for the new PvP's. if you're interested please post rules you'd like to have and we'll see if we can come to an agreement. Most of our members are either GMT or EST or thereabouts, so a crossover time would be good.
  2. Jagex are in a way victims of their own success here, I've never needed to contact Jagex customer support, I'm not saying that just because I have never needed to in 6 years that there aren't a lot of valid cases and it is unnacceptable that the only way to really contact them easily would be through their forums. However Runescape may have a large user base, but as a company, Jagex are not a yahoo or youtube, their income is much less and for such a small turnover they seem to have a comparitively large staff base. It is completely wrong that they took away CS, however I can only imagine the emails they get everyday, I'm sure yours is a legitimate appeal, but I'm sure almost everyone who gets black marks or muted or banned, appeals. Judging by the amount of idiots on Runescape, and how many muted people you see, they must be inundated with appeals, I could see no way short of raising prices, which would probably kill the game, of them being able to read every appeal or complaint. I do not think it is right that appeals are automatically replied to or skim read. It is defintaley not great that they took away other forms of contacting them. But it's a balancing act. Either raise the prices, by double or treble to get the staff required to handle customer service or have a system simular to now. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing Jagex use a premium rate telephone number. As I've never needed to contact them anyway. It isn't perfect and no doubt people will still need to contact CS, but generally theres a few simple rules that would make it unneccesary. 1: Have good internet security 2: Dont give your account info to anyone 3: Behave yourself in game. 4: Don't cheat I have close friends that have been banned, some for autoing, some for language, others for other reasons, all were decent people. Them being banned doesn't make me think they are bad people. But when it came down to it, They did the crime, now they're doing the time, they just gotta suck it up. Of course innocent people will get caught up in it, maybe like yourself, I don't know what you did or didn't do. But unless those people start accepting their punishments, it will always be bots reading appeals, because there is no way they can manage the workload of all the false appeals. I can only imagine the emails they used to get after every update and change also.
  3. I agree, I like firefox and opera, but since IE 7, I find I have less need to use either. The pop-up blocker on IE7 has never let thru a pop-up advert from tip. I do use Firefox for Runescape purely because I have backspace as back button disabled on there. If IE7 is allowing pop ups thru then something is wrong with your settings. If you're not on IE7 either upgrade its free or get firefox or opera or possibly even netscape? does anyone still use that?
  4. As meol said it is much more likely to be malware/spyware than a virus. Download one of the programs mentioned and run a scan with those, both are free. Most free virus scanners do not come with a spyware scanner or only have a very very basic one. Even the subscription versions usually do not have malware scanners as effective as adaware or spybot. So run a virus scan and a spyware scan seperately. As mentioned by Joe scans are more effective in safe mode.
  5. I think it was just a crash, my friend was on one of the servers when it went down and he was unable to get back on Runescape for a while because it said he was still logged in. I doubt this woul have happened had it been planned.
  6. It does look a little like 22/1 but yeah it is jan, aren't most major updates on Mondays anyway?
  7. a fight is always one sided because there is always a winner and a loser. Maybe the person you fight has full bandos armour and sword, the other person may not be able to afford that does it make it unfair? One person may have a whip and the other can only afford a d scimmy does that make it unfair? Mages and ranger spend far more on runes and arrows, that the verage person who takes food, does on food. Does that make them attack noobs cos it cost them money to fight?
  8. Why is it this post upsets so much that you have to be offensive? Are you one of the people who cant control their use of the word noob? I'm guessing so, because you obviously have trouble stating your opinion without being offensive. Does it make you feel better than other people calling them names, or do you think it makes other people think you are better than them? As you say these people are mostly just young kids... I hope you grow up soon.
  9. I eat according to the situation. If it's a big battle with fairly equal teams I usually eat. If we're slightly outnumbered I usaully eat. If we massively outnumber them or they us, then I dont eat. I had one today a guy in dharoks, eating at about half hp, which kind of ruins the point of having dharoks, we were the last 2 out of clans that both had 20+ at beginning. 1v1. He ate some, I ate some, then he ran to the cages and said omg this noob ate, just as I killed him lol. I don't think he realised people could see him eating on the orbs. Kind of reminds me of the old wild in f2p especially.. things like.. omg you safer.. when their hp are healed higher than urs Runner! .. after they just teleported from u in last fight Teletubby ..as above. WHen u dont carry tele runes The one that always makes me laugh is when ur piled in castle wars and they say "omg prayer nub" when it's about 12 on 1
  10. i wonder if they had 700 servers if world like 88, and 666 where skipped, since 88 is the number for a german dictator.... And 666 is the number of the devil (6=the "unpure" number, where 7 is the pure number, that's why 13 was to beleived to be a special number as well (6+7), there are 3 6's in here because 3 is the number for exceedance so 666 must be the devils number, also 3x6=18, thus 18 is actually an evil number as well ;) ) Actually 666 is the number of the beast not devil, and the perfect number is seventy times seven Too much Iron Maiden.. When did the "role playing" servers come into existence, I was looking for a quiet place to train and saw it for the first time.
  11. Thanks for reading. Need a banner for clan-site. It would need to be 375x110 pixels The only thing that I definately want written on its is "KoA Clan" "A clan for adults" It is to go on quite a bright site, not a dark site, it will go here: This is the original psd that came with the design template if it is handy in anyway. My artistic skills are none so other than it definately needing to say "KoA Clan" I don't really have many ideas. I did kind of like the look of some of the pixels was maybe thinking of a few old people sitting around looking tired with Runescape parephenalia lying around. But any style would be great we just want a decent looking banner we can use in ads and on the mainpage. We also need a button, somewhere in the region of 88x30 a few pixels either way is cool. That would need to say: "KoA Clan" on whatever image would look good. As I say sorry for the shortage of ideas bu see it as an empty canvas, I did mmention pixels but any style would be fantastic. Obviously not allowed to offer any form of payment here, but will more than happily put a button of about the same size as the one we want designed on our page linking to ur site or forum post. for the life of any artwork we use. edit: Forgot to mention both need to be .gif's
  12. You say Link your eveidence and then only place one link for your 3 other points to a site that doesn't provide any evidence at all. In fact it says "This ranking is based on several factors and some are entirely objective" Also another reason Runescape is not on there is it would usually be considered a free online game not p2p, The majority of Runescape players are f2p, the game is f2p, you do not need to pay. p2p games have one primary entry requirement. You are required to pay to play. On Runescape that is optional. Whether Runescape makes as much money as WoW isn't really a debate, To be number one in it's purest form needs one thing only. That Runescape have more players than WoW. Jagex claim they have over 6 million active players: http://www.jagex.com/corporate/Press/pressRelease.ws Blizzard Claim 9m. http://www.blizzard.com/press/070724.shtml I don't personally see Runescape overtaking WoW, but a 1/3rd jump wouldnt be imossible.
  13. It's not at all representative of how many people play but Runescape was the number one game on Yahoo Buzz for a long time (search query based).It's had cosoles and things come above it when they were released but not other games, but WoW has consistently been below it.. does that just mean Runescape players are more likely to search? Recently it's been taken over by club penguin and Webkinz world whatever they are. http://buzz.yahoo.com/video_games/ The UK Buzz is pretty funny, there were more searches on Runescape than Christmas. http://uk.dir.yahoo.com/buzz/
  14. okey now here is the english translation for that: I think that real life - npc connections would be funny and good for this game. That would make it funny (stupid emotes) Besides from my bad grammar and spelling, i heard you like (mudkipz?) edit: alot of mistakes ---------------------------------------- Christ where did he learn to write & spell English? I'm not sure if it was an attempt at humour. I did a search on his name to see if all his posts were like that, it seems he is very mature and spells perfectly in half his posts and spells like that in the other half. I think he was making fun of some previous spelling mistakes and possibly the title, although I'm not entirely sure as I think I missed the point if it is a joke.
  15. i can find an Uri Molotov theres a whole host of possibilities there.. the examine says shaken not stirred, a definate James bond quote, and he is an agent (spy). Is that the Uri you meant?
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