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  1. Im making a fortune as f2p... I dont plan on buying members but eventually all I will have left to buy is more rares. I remember quitting this game with only 50m and a zammy gs. Now with free trade having returned I too feel like money isnt an issue. Ive made a fortune from selling and buying santas and got so much money I dont even need to stake. I can stand around in GE find a nice price and capitalize in a few hours. No work needed except a few clicks. Its sad but I might never train another skill because all I need to do now to get money is stand around and watch words while watching entourage or reading for my next class. This wasnt the way I expected the game to be on returning from free trade. Well Its been a good game for sure... hopefully things calm down soon.
  2. He is showing the rev dungeon man the picture explains itself.... btw those revs are bs tough in f2p. If you dont got a party they team up so well and then pjers usually come. Also they heal so damn fast. It feels like it would be a great place to go with a nice pking clan or a clan that wants to kill for good items/ pk a random pjer. Time to join a runescape clan lol
  3. my steel pure has waited for this day forever! I got about 5mil to stake till I either go broke or rich. Lets see how rich I can make him (or poor... cant forget about that option :D). But in all honesty I cant wait. I bought my first rare after winning a 2mil stake (not much) and buying an easter egg for 5mil turns out I would resell it for a 1mil profit and a few years later it was worth 20 times as much as it use to be. This time Im gunna hoard as much rares and goods as I can till retirement or till I go broke. Hope to see you guys around in the good ol da :P
  4. OMG Nex is gunna be hard to solo... seems like a tough fight to begin with. This guy seemed inexperienced but I wonder how runescape's finest warriors will fair against this overpowered female god.
  5. Its really hard to say what will exactly happen. with the price to pay anything for dbones or better the cost can definitely rise if the demand for the new prayers increase. The bots however are still here and honestly have never left, with jagex declaring free trade "might" come back they returned with huge numbers and I expect rich players to just buy the bones they need to get the prayer they want. New bosses and updates just make it exactly hard to predict what will happen since these updates didnt affect how we played before the wildy was removed and old players returning might also have an impact on the market if free trade returns.
  6. hopefully this includes the limits in the arena... man staking was my real skill. Time to get back into the phat buisness. I already expect platypus or homer s 777 (?) to lead into this as well if he still plays. God it has been ages and will surely be great to come back to the original game with the new updates. Hopefully the few new changes and weps dont screw my game up :P
  7. Its final week, Im so stressed and I thought I would take a day off and play some runescape. I havent played in a few months and I come back to see some new interesting updates I would like to indulge in especially for the holidays so I bought a membership card on my ride to walmart. Now the only problem is when I click the runescape upgrade page it gets extremely laggy. Everything else runs smooth except this one page, is it just me or are the upgrading the server or experiencing some difficulty? I just would like to get on for a hour or so and relieve some stress but this is annoying. A slap to the face of a retired customer who considered playing casually on a more often basis.
  8. Depends on what method you use, I would just let it stay degraded because the time you use to repair it can be used to just rc that amount of ess you can carry.
  9. Or do it old school and use the fire rune method with the dueling rings? It brings in decent experience if you stay focused but you do lose alot of gp.
  10. Only good thing is most runescapers can't afford to get their pray up which means it will be rare for someone to use the higher leveled prays.
  11. All I can say is FML... now d bones will hit 4k+
  12. Sure f2p deserves skill capes... should they get them? No. Not until members get something much better at least :twisted:
  13. This year was alright... I wish they had found a way to nerf pvp sooner. I really can't afford much anymore cause of it. I did enjoy some updates like the dragon pickaxe, tek5 engine and the chaos tunnel.
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