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  1. Okay so here's the story. a friend and I went to brid at drags, we was tb'ing and i was ancienting. We hop world 22, see a 96 with ags skulled so he tb's and i start smiting and bridding the poop outta her. We fight for a good while, i get pj'd by a 1 item clawer and tele'd. I ran to varrock west and got the kill message, but wait... there was something else... "New Highest value Wilderness kill: 45,136,202." I almost [cabbage] my pants, we got the ags. I gloried and ran to the mages at level 5 because my friend said to hurry and there were looters, luckily i just made it. Unfortunately, i was panicing too much to take a good pic, but here it is anyway. So that's my best pk to date, my friend and i split 22.5m each and called it a day :)
  2. well the person in the picture is Cursed Toast, obviously.
  3. I nostalgia'd :] Pking trip today - Castle luring and rune rock pking. whos down?
  4. i got a new account though, i dont play on ammo931 anymore. so just add "High Hat" and hopefully ill see you online.
  5. Not good loot, but couldnt believe i actually killed Cursed Toast
  6. hey zzzuper, its ammo931. add "High hat" in game, i saw somewhere you're trying to get a santa and i want to help you out. thats my new account.
  7. i do have a main, he's f2p and i dont play on it anymore. and i've never tried Dg on any account before :wall:
  8. DISCLAIMER : i dont like non combat skills too much unless i can level them fast :thumbup: jinkies. been a while since i made one of these. soo uhh here i am.. its me Ammo. I completed some goals and stuff recently and i guess im just gonna make a topic for your viewing pleasure. First off, I got 99 Fletch but didnt think that was worthy of a topic (or a screenshot for that matter) but that happened recently. Range has always been my favorite combat style in RuneScape, but the biggest pain to train. I got lucky with pking and staking, and eventually got enough money to chin to 99. i consider this my biggest achievement. here's da pic. my current stats are also there too. here's my bank pic. so i guess rate 99 range, my pker, and my bank. AND SUGGEST MY NEXT GOAL :lol:
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