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  1. Well, for melee the amulet of strength gives 0.2% more critical bonus but you lose the +1 to prayer, so it's a good alternative. Here again, the arcane blast necklace gives 0.3% more critical bonus, so definetely better if you have it.
  2. Those might be inactive bots, so they are probably unaffected by such bannings but then I'm curious why they are still P2P.
  3. Nobody knows? Payment method would be credit card btw.
  4. Just curious, if I subscribe on 31th of July for 2 months do I get all the bonuses and stay p2p till 1th of October (cause I get 2x 31 days)?
  5. Insight Venture Partners are the investors of both Jagex and Nexon... just saying.
  6. Well, most of the German F2P can be found in the clan "Ger F2P". Yeah, except the 3 already mentioned above. ;) Hard to track who's the best in each country cause of the lack of the hiscores. Amongst the Germans I think Tute2901 has the highest total level (1597) and Fluhminator the highest total exp (not sure how much, maybe 550m or more).
  7. So, I'm reading the Behind the Scenes wrong? I'm just pointing out what they said. It's not like I wasn't surprised or would use it if it's F2P.
  8. Indeed it is. This is a decision harsher even than the f2p highscore removal, this actually removes content from f2p in order to allure them into buying p2p. Huh? F2P never had The Crucible to begin with and the only dynamic area that saw any action in f2p aside from boxing in low-level wildy was multi wilderness up by Greater Demons / Spider Hill. And the Duel Arena since the removal of free trade (or thereabouts) has been F2P for ages - unless they're changing that with the beta? I didn't see anything about that, so if they are, forgive me. Well, F2P had Bounty Hunter. And the Crucible should replace it, right? So, you can say they took it away.
  9. Excuse my ignorance, but what are the hotkeys set to. 1 obviously superheat, but the others? 2 drop gold bar and 4 drop gold ore I guess.
  10. You will get 10% less exp, so it's actually 90% of the original exp. It's 10% of the original experience. Oh, sorry. Looks like Jagex can't translate properly. It's written wrong in the german blog... :(
  11. You will get 10% less exp, so it's actually 90% of the original exp.
  12. We already knew it's calculated differently when in team. Do such a graph for solo, you will probably see the difference and what Jagex was talking about.
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