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  1. been using these for years, still great
  2. anyone know of a good and free registry cleaner?
  3. every year that jagex has won they have given out a reward, so why would they randomly stop? only difference was they didnt tell us what it would be
  4. LoL seems pretty popular actually, so I wasn't surprised they got 1st. A lot of people at my college play it. World of Tanks on the other hand... Popular as it may be, Den, the voting is really questionable considering the rewards offered if they won. It would be hugely different if Jagex had of offered a reward. not at all. runescapers were inclined already with an offered reward.
  5. im enjoying my 10 win IP boost on LoL!! But in all seriousness jagex doesnt even deserve third.
  6. I don't see why. It works for the Israelis. i know, but i didnt want to be mean and offend ignorant people.
  7. thats profiling. for some reason its frowned upon.
  8. Dungeoneering is a minigame, not a skill. Anyways i recently bought 95 prayer, so my banks only 50-60 mil, not worth showing. rate/hate/masterbate
  9. i feel that each clan will have its own teleport. the rock location will be used as where they can be chosen, like POH. im really lookin forward to this update!
  10. inb4lock this would cause a huuuuge crash in everything. terrible idea
  11. although they are weak to crush, anything works. def go with the rapier
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