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  1. Hi all, I have been doing quite a few slayer tasks recently trying out my new rapier and I have been wondering about what is the best weapon for living rock creatures. Money/tokens aren't really any problem. I have been trying out the rapier but how does it compare to the SS or chaotic maul. Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing your thoughts
  2. thanks a lot thats what I was hoping for
  3. Hi Could anyone explain what spending slayer points on killing techniques more quickly actually does Thanks vooovv
  4. wow seriously cool blog. I loved it. Keep going and good luck with any goals. vooovv
  5. I didn't know whether it worked like barrows...
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know if I have a Statius warhammer ( or corrupt ) and I die will it be in my grave if I got there. Thanks Vooovv
  7. Hi All Does anyone know whether you can get shattered hearts crafting pieces from making gold items such as gold necklace... Thanks
  8. Hi all I was lucky enough to get a hexcrest 2 days ago (look at my adventurer's log if you want) I have had some pretty amazing offers but they all require me to have huge amounts of junk. If someone could explain to me how this works I would be very appreciative. thanks Vooovv
  9. wow thats a bit excessive I feel. Tempest it sounds like you have got more important things going on at the moment than Runescape. I look forward to watching you skill
  10. unlucky about the sigils Its the sort of thing that would really piss me off. Hope DKs are good and dropping well
  11. wow :rolleyes: . Hust read last 21 pages and this is an awesome blog. Keep it up I am really looking forward to following your progress vooovv
  12. congrats on levels you're doing really well. Being slightly ingnorant how do you runecraft and fletch at the same time?
  13. if im honest that is pretty awesome :thumbsup: though it must have taken ages to get. Also perhaps not really skilling but whatever
  14. top of the runemonkey daily herblore table. congrats keep going
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