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  1. Could you help me learn to key?

  2. Hello DG_Keanu and your fellow DG comrades. On behalf of the TiF community I would like to humbly welcome thee to our forum community, I do hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. Yep but have a gate set anyway so if you reach a dead end you don't have to backtrack/reach the door easily, if you get to a GD you can always set a new gate. Didn't put too much thought into this guide, just kinda put it together for my clan when I was bored, i'll try and add some stuff to it though.
  4. ~ Dungeoneering Keying and Game Carrying ~ Didn't want to make a massive guide going into every detail about dungeoneering as theres already a few of those floating around, this guide, however should hopefully help you with tips on the 2 main roles in Dungeoneering; Keying and Game Carrying Keying The keyer is essentially the "leader" of the team. They guide everyone where to go, what to do and move them around the dungeon with the group gatestone. A lot of keyers have different techniques and styles, but i'll post some tips which should help. • Key Doors ~ Remember them. Sounds pretty obvious but it seriously slows down the map if you aren't remembering which doors are where so you run around everywhere looking which key goes where. You shouldn't need to write them down just keep a note in your head of approximately where they are. • Gatestoning ~ You need to place your gatestone strategically to access as many doors as fast as possible. As opposed to game carrying try to gate around the center of the map or around a lot of key doors, avoid gating near dead ends. Have a gatestone set 99% of the time so that when you hit a DE you don't have to backtrack. Even gate the base as you start if there are key doors there. Good Gating technique is a very important step. • Leading to GD's. ~ The other 4 people in your teams top priority is to kill GD's. You need to make sure they get from GD to GD quickly and efficiently. Mark all GD's so they know which room it is, drop the GT there then continue on. If there is another GD close by then mark it and tell them to do it next/after their path leads to a DE. While your team is doing the GD you should be 1) Running keys to doors and, 2) Placing your next Gatestone, either at a GD or between key doors. Try and always have a new path for them ready for when they reach a DE to avoid standing around. • Team Gating ~ If you have a team of Game Carriers then you shouldn't even need to ask, if not, then make sure your team is gating doors. They should be gating doors which are annoying to get to like in corners of the maps, near dead ends which saves you running there for 1 door. Game Carrying Game Carrying is essentially a Pro Dger/non keyer, someone who "carries the dg", here are a few tips on how to do this. • Gatestoning ~ Again one of the most important thing to game carrying is gating, make sure to have a Gate 90% of the time. Gate doors which are out of the way and are annoying to run to. If theres a door within 3-4 rooms of your gate, consider it your gate as well and place it inbetween the 2. Say which doors you gated as well so the keyer knows, and so it doesn't get 'double gated'. After you open the door you've gated, look for another door to gate. • Calling Keys/Doors ~ If your keyer isn't with you (which will be most of the time unless theres only 1 route). Call every key/door/room you run into so the keyer knows where doors are, which keys you're getting and what you're all doing. • Your Path ~ Run your own path, try to remember where all the key doors are also, so when you get the key you can run it yourself to save your keyer(and essentially everyone else) time. Keep running your own path until you reach a GD or something that requires a group effort, gate it then GT the group after when theres nothing to do. • Looting ~ Loot all herbs incase of 100+ req doors, loot food but don't hoard. If you have enough and others need some let them take it, the keyer especially. If you see chests loot them and drop the GP at base, make an altar when you have enough if theres none close by. On warped floors try and collect blue charms for bloodragers. Most of the bosses have very high def so bloodragers help a ton. For lower floors this isn't really needed. _____________________________________________________________ If you have any questions or comments please post them and i'll try to get back to you, i'd like to hear feedback c: Thanks for reading and happy dungoofing
  5. Happy birthday Zemus ^_^

  6. I've tried void once, i'd only recommend it in a team of atleast 5+ people where you wont get hit as much, otherwise you'll just be taking constant damage.
  7. Updated all the screenys, sorry for the wait my net was down for a bit. If anyone has any questions or anything feel free to ask :3
  8. Well yeah my internet was capped so haven't been around, missed a lot of screenies of levels etc but oh well, i'll continue updating it from where im at. Not too far off my goal now ^^ Gotta leave for work now so ill continue updating it later.
  9. CB: 138 Dungeon: 112 Highest skill: Strength (65m xp), or 23 99's Total level: 2479 hi
  10. My internet got capped so im on Dial-up speed for a week orso, won't be on tif till then because it takes about 5mins to load each page :@ So yeah this won't be updated till then, i'll still be scaping and in His-Lordship cc :D
  11. 1. You should be using a combat familiar whenever possible. 2. What BA clans? I haven't found any that'll let you in without level 5 in everything and/or full penance. If you're in a BA clan, you probably already have a torso. And if you don't, then you're better off spending your points on levelling up or filling your horn. 3. Degrading is nothing. 5 minutes of farming pays for like 60+ hours of Barrows. Should not be an issue. 1. I wouldn't bother unless you had like 80+ summoning for decent combat familiar (judging by his stats he posted i doubt that), and that's if it's multi too. 2. "Baa CC" "Uba Pros" "PF United" - Yes they do require full penance etc, although baa and Pf have open cc's and dont mind going with others who join the cc most of the time. 3. True, but it still all adds up considering you aren't going to need the extra def bonus. Depending on the task then yeah barrows will be better, but most of them torso and tassets will suffice.
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