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  1. [bleep] I'm good, dem forecasting skills. They would likely only be applicable to certain items that did in fact have previous skins, but things such as off-hands should look very much the same as it wouldn't be too difficult to code. It will be interesting to see what would happen with the Nex boots and gloves, but we'll see. Also, if this goes ahead I can 100% guarantee that certain items will rise.
  2. Yeah I'm letting this die slowly :d Kinda have no need for it now that I'm comped. In News made a few hundred mil past week, doin things. Gonna make a few more hundred mil next week I think (Y)
  3. So far I've gotten the Zammy gloves/top and Sara Top/Legs/Cape. Zammy top was from something during KC (across the bridge) and all the Sara stuff came from Zil or the minions. Also, the rarity depends on how much BoL stuff you did. I personally turned in about 80 tears, so its rather rare for me, that said I've gotten 5 pieces in 2 days with only 2 GWD trips. @Wkw if you lose just go back to quartermaster for the respective god. I assume they'll still be in same spot.
  4. It really depends on what you're doing, and how you're doing it. So the first thing, and really the only major thing in comparison between Curses v Prayers & Zealot is the extra boost you get with the Zealot. If using the 3 prayers (or 2 if mage/range) that give you 6% boosts plus the Zealots 10% you get the total of 16% boost. Turmoil/Anguish/Torment caps at a 10% so you've got an added 6% there, and curses also gives you the 8-15% drains on enemies stats. What you then lose out on is Soul split, the Crit % from any other Amulet and the lower prayer, if thats a factor. Theres also the -5 prayer bonus to consider with a Zealot, but I ran some calcs and its really quite negligible. That -5 only really takes away ~20 seconds from 990 prayer points draining to 0, which in the scheme of things isn't a lot. So I guess what I'm saying, Use Zealots if you are tanking and never need Soulsplit, e.g Nex/Vorago, or if you really want drops in FFA and don't care about longevity. Use Curses + other ammy if you really need to conserve prayer and want the added healing of Soulsplit, plus the 8-15% drains to enemies stats.
  5. Always said I'd never get 99 Cooking because really, why bother. Then they released Comp and I was like o. @CJ I'll probably get 200meters after Seismics, dunno yet. Also thinking about 120 Sum cause thats a thing (Y)
  6. I swear once you max you get more effigies. In the 4 days since I've had Comp, gotten more effigies than I had had all year till then >.>
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