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  1. Awesome :) that did work. Thanks!
  2. Anyone else's Wicked Robes return to default color? ... only thing I did with them was bank them by accident (clicked bank all equipped).
  3. Got a Mystic Tattoo :C.
  4. Did Maze and Evil Bob and kept my runes so far.
  5. Getting a steady 30 at RuneSpan. I think that's better than before .
  6. Yeah I think my luck was bad earlier or it was just too crowded. I'm seeing a lot of good nodes now.
  7. Is chasing nodes still worth doing? I know they supposedly fixed the nerf, but I still rarely see any nodes worth siphoning when I run to find a wizard. Is that for 90+?
  8. Counting runes? That sounds an awful lot like work. They respawn literally 3 seconds after they go down anyway. I don't bother counting. Click once, browse forums, come back click, etc. Also how often do Runespheres spawn? I didn't see any when I was there yesterday.
  9. Found yellow wizard who asked for Soul Runes. Gave him Blood instead and got 4680 exp, while I think I get 5.1k for the correct runes. edit: 4680 for incorrect, 5148 for correct. I'm 78 rc. edit2: 4750 for incorrect, 5214 for correct at 79 rc :3 I just leveled.
  10. I have some burnt fish I burnt myself. Also 30k ashes (much of it I picked myself), from before they became expensive... and sold them since they're expensive :oops: . Needed the money for BXPW. I seem to like things related to fire :twisted: .
  11. Oh I see :smile: . Thanks for the info! Looks like Jagex does look after us.
  12. So here's what happened. I'm fishing monkfish, and I play with dual monitors so I don't pay that much attention to RS but enough to change fishing spots and re-summon my lobby. A few minutes ago I noticed my lobby was gone! I didn't recall seeing any messages that it was leaving me, but I shrugged it off. I figured I missed it like I do every now and then, so I finished the inventory without it. Then I went to bank, and out of habit emptied my BoB's inventory and got the usual message that I didn't have a follower (see chat log). When I went to resummon my lobby I got the WARNING below: I never saw this warning before. Plus you're not allowed to summon a familiar if you have one out already, and I didn't have one summoned, so it made no sense. Moreover, it didn't let me deposit any items earlier. Click through and pressed yes.... and 2 swordfish and a shark appeared under me, and got the chat message "your familiar has dropped..." (see chat log). :blink: Anyway I'm just curious if this is new or if it's already known why this what happened?
  13. I thought I was hacked at first. I had logged in with a browser instead of SK last night and thought that had done it. I hope they restore the list cause I removed people as well.
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