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  1. Awesome :) that did work. Thanks!
  2. Anyone else's Wicked Robes return to default color? ... only thing I did with them was bank them by accident (clicked bank all equipped).
  3. Got a Mystic Tattoo :C.
  4. Did Maze and Evil Bob and kept my runes so far.
  5. Getting a steady 30 at RuneSpan. I think that's better than before .
  6. Yeah I think my luck was bad earlier or it was just too crowded. I'm seeing a lot of good nodes now.
  7. Is chasing nodes still worth doing? I know they supposedly fixed the nerf, but I still rarely see any nodes worth siphoning when I run to find a wizard. Is that for 90+?
  8. Counting runes? That sounds an awful lot like work. They respawn literally 3 seconds after they go down anyway. I don't bother counting. Click once, browse forums, come back click, etc. Also how often do Runespheres spawn? I didn't see any when I was there yesterday.
  9. Found yellow wizard who asked for Soul Runes. Gave him Blood instead and got 4680 exp, while I think I get 5.1k for the correct runes. edit: 4680 for incorrect, 5148 for correct. I'm 78 rc. edit2: 4750 for incorrect, 5214 for correct at 79 rc :3 I just leveled.
  10. I have some burnt fish I burnt myself. Also 30k ashes (much of it I picked myself), from before they became expensive... and sold them since they're expensive :oops: . Needed the money for BXPW. I seem to like things related to fire :twisted: .
  11. Oh I see :smile: . Thanks for the info! Looks like Jagex does look after us.
  12. So here's what happened. I'm fishing monkfish, and I play with dual monitors so I don't pay that much attention to RS but enough to change fishing spots and re-summon my lobby. A few minutes ago I noticed my lobby was gone! I didn't recall seeing any messages that it was leaving me, but I shrugged it off. I figured I missed it like I do every now and then, so I finished the inventory without it. Then I went to bank, and out of habit emptied my BoB's inventory and got the usual message that I didn't have a follower (see chat log). When I went to resummon my lobby I got the WARNING below: I never saw this warning before. Plus you're not allowed to summon a familiar if you have one out already, and I didn't have one summoned, so it made no sense. Moreover, it didn't let me deposit any items earlier. Click through and pressed yes.... and 2 swordfish and a shark appeared under me, and got the chat message "your familiar has dropped..." (see chat log). :blink: Anyway I'm just curious if this is new or if it's already known why this what happened?
  13. I thought I was hacked at first. I had logged in with a browser instead of SK last night and thought that had done it. I hope they restore the list cause I removed people as well.
  14. I never realized you could sell items before to increase your buy limit. It did not seem to work that way when I was flipping after the armor graphic update. Guess this doesn't affect me since I thought it was always a strict 4 hour limit <_< .
  15. Awesome, scheduled maintenance that wasn't announced except on the RSOF. :mellow: EDIT: I see it's on the main page now, labeled as 3 days ago. I don't remember it being there before :blink: .
  16. Hmm... is the special attack recharge message really filtered out by the Game Filter? :mellow: Noticed I didn't get any messages when I was using my eee.
  17. Interesting read. I also realized that the QFC codes lead directly to the threads and I don't have to go to RSOF and copy/paste them :wall:
  18. Ya :mellow: I've always had to turn it off to protect my herblore habitat stuff and trees. I went back to check if I could pay but he still says he's already protecting it and that my ears are like corn! I guess a small bug?
  19. So I was doing some of my dailies and went to go kill and replant my Wild Jade Vine. I still had Greenfingers on from my herb run and when I went to pay Horacio, he wouldn't let me :o. I turned off my aura, but he still said it's already protected. I relogged and tried again, but same results. Is my jade just protected for this cycle, or what's going on? EDIT: For anyone wondering, Jagex fixed it :).
  20. That is assuming they put the money to good use... I may be being pessimistic but I feel some of these extra profits will go straight into people's pockets.
  21. Where do I find these people? I'd prefer them over the ones that sit and skill for exp for 10 minutes , i.e. crafting 1000 runes. I have nothing against skilling like making armor or food, but using up all your GP on RC while your team finishes up the dungeon for you? :/
  22. No, they've been looking into it for a year or so. The investigation asked several large Korean developers (NCSoft, Nexon, Hanbitsoft) over these grab bags that appear in their games. If you haven't seen them, they're pretty much what Squeal of Fortune is based off of, with the exception that you can't get them through normal gameplay. You have to buy the tickets and they offer a chance at random prizes. The Games Rating Board (Think ESRB, but Government operated and mandated) is attempting to determine if these constitute gambling. Unfortunately, none of the companies being investigated (ten in all) have complied with handing over statistics as to payout percentage, claiming the data was private, likely as a desperate save because if it is determined to be gambling they will have to get rid of them. Again, Jagex probably doesn't have much to lose in South Korea. :( I spent a lot of money on a Korean game like that - and the boxes were only for (random) cosmetic items too, although tradeable and worth a fair amount in-game since not many people bought them. I eventually quit since they didn't do many updates (and they only had to transfer them from the Korean version to the Europe version), and did too many cash shop updates. I don't wanna quit RS too!
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