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  1. I'm picturing an awesome mini-game... something like castle wars, but with battleships?
  2. Nice vid :) And... living near london ftw :P I do too :D Southern england accents all the way :
  3. jenkees

    half of a key....

    Sorry this is off topic, but xgreenenvyx, but what does that quote of your convo with Fox Skillz in your sig mean? :wall: :wall:
  4. Definately the 'ironing out' of unbalanced trading between accounts, it saved Runescape for those of us that actually play it properly. ~jenkees2
  5. Gratz on 85 Mining, specially on f2p! :thumbsup: Now for 1k Rune Ores! \
  6. 1/10 because you're beating me :evil: :evil: Joking! 10/10 Nice one fellow fletcher =D> :thumbsup: Btw.. call me a noob but I've just come back to Runescape after a 4 month break, what's a tank pure? The term wasn't around 4 months ago lol :roll:
  7. Thanks for your comments guys, and yeah I'll get a keyring soon :lol: :thumbsup:
  8. Very nice bank, very well organised :shock: Awesome combat and slayer.. congratulations on 99 Attack & 85 Slayer! :thumbsup: And.. Good Luck on whatever you're doing now! \ .: Jenkees2
  9. Sweet combat stats, very nice bank :thumbsup: All that cash from slayer drops?
  10. Nice bank, if a bit messy :XD: Great stats, they own mine, that's a good thing I think :-k :thumbsup: 10/10
  11. Hey all, got kinda bored while Fletching... thought I'd make a Rate Me :XD: Been playing for around 8 months, registered October 2006, had a 4 month break over summer, started playing again at the beginning of November. I know my stats aren't great, but Meh, Rate/Hate :thumbsup:
  12. Very, very nice for the first two weeks... I was no where near that good when I'd been playing for that long! :-w And you still have some higher levels than me.. lol 2/10 for that :evil: Jkin! 9/10 Congratulations Mate :thumbsup:
  13. Guessing you're a combat kinda 'scaper.. non-combat skills 5/10 Combat skills 10/10 :thumbsup: Lovin' that 99 strength \ Nice bank too :-w
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