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  1. My apologies for not attending, I have been spectacularly busy for the last few hours.
  2. >Using a shotgun in a romero zombie scenario Ahahahahahaha I didn't mean I was actually out of the thread but I am not going to do much other than post snarky comments now, since you have proven yourself waaaay beyond help.
  3. Whelp, I am considering my place in this debate over. I can't really get over the fact that you believe that rumour. You can imagine I said something along the lines of "I cannot deal with Mather's endless intellect and knowledge!" if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. But in reality I am quietly laughing to myself. Poor, poor Mather.
  4. That isn't how a computer virus works.
  5. You... You actually bought into the rumour that humans can flip a car with an adrenaline rush? Wow. BUT WAIT. I happen to remember you stating earlier, with 100% certainty (You always state things with 100% certainty no matter what they are though...) that zombies could not tear down your shed... And now you are saying that they can flip cars? You have crossed your streams of logic somewhere.
  6. Mather, Why are you trying to bring me in on your side without any input on my end? For the record, I am fairly convinced you would try to do all of that, be regarded as a threat, and be promptly shot by another group of survivors anyway. Except you wouldn't, because you'd beat them all with one hand tied behind your back, blindfolded, and walking on your knees, and using a plunger as a weapon. OR you would crush all of the zombies with your greatest weapon, the ego cannon. PS. Retech, a crowbar works just as well and possesses more utility. I know which one I would use.
  7. AAAANGST. EVERYBODY GET TO THE SHELTER, IT'S A PERFECT ANGSTSTORM. IT'S A 9.0 ON THE ANGSTOR SCALE. IT'S THE ANGSTPOCALYPSE. Whelp, back to my raid. Pity I am essentially a spectator for 50%+ of this fight.
  8. Nex, is this going to be another one of those scenarios where you are never happy with a character you make and want to redesign it every 10 hours?
  9. Righto then, I will switch one of my feats for Monkey Grip.
  10. Well, in that case, I will need to ask Wyvern if my character is allowed to use large weapons, because I would much prefer it if I could keep using my large greatsword with a -2 penalty. I could replace one of my feats with a feat to use them if you would like? Either that, or I will need to redesign my character. It's your choice, Wyvern.
  11. Well, it sounds like this wizard is the leader of a crime ring which may or may not be bribing people of importance. Why else would Roger have thrown a bag of diamonds into the ocean and said that they wont let him get to them? Regardless, if we are attacked, I am going to defend us. (Also worked out that I could wield a collosal greatsword with a -1 total to hit as my character is. Collosal greatswords are utterly enormous, something like 50 feet long I believe. I'm not going to, purely because of the cheese factor(And impracticality of transporting such a sword... Or moving while carrying it), but hey)
  12. Well, while you guys worry about that, I'll be over here, not needing to eat.
  13. EDIT: Hold up, I read that table wrong. I'll be there, though may need 15 minutes afk to eat sometime around 8:00, so I hope you don't mind that.
  14. Aaaaand, there it is. I'm out. Dear god I am out. I can't cope with the sheer, balls to the wall, mind crushingly collosal amount of wrong there is in the above statement. So I am out.
  15. Yeah, still raiding, although it's getting fairly tiring and eating into my schedule.
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