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  1. Happy birthday (:

  2. Happy birthday! :D:D

  3. Happy birthday! :D

  4. Happy Birthday :)

  5. At the moment, we only have submission systems on site for our various databases, not guide content, so if you want to report issues with quest guides you would submit them in the Quest submission subforum here on the forums: http://forum.tip.it/forum/151-quests/
  6. Op-Amps are analog circuits, not Digital circuits, and as such they are designed to operate in complete circuits. Analog circuits have a very different set of rules than Digital circuits, and even digital circuits can operate while breaking the digital circuit rules its just that you cannot reliably expect such uses to perform as intended.
  7. No, to put it in the simplest form: Each node (wire connecting the gates) can have at most 1 gate outputting 0 or 1 onto it at any given time unless they are redundant(output the same value as each other in all possible circumstances). (The only situations where you can have more than 1 gate connected to a node as an output involve Tri-state logic)
  8. All true, and all completely unrelated to what I just said. Your 'logic gates' all have the problem that at some point, both VCC and Ground are connected to the output pin, and basic physics would tell you that along the path between the two you would get a voltage gradient (the voltage slowly changes from one of the two extremes to the other), and your output connection has to be somewhere in that gradient so you end up with a value between the two depending on the location, but as you can reverse the two inputs it will average to exactly halfway between the two voltages. Additionally the components involved are designed with the assumption that the connections between gates are never a complete circuit (the input pins to logic gates are more or less an open circuit and draw almost no current), which your circuit violates by connecting both VCC and Ground at the same time driving a massive current through the Not gates which they are not designed for.
  9. Yes, but you are forgetting that the NOT gate also has to convert a 1 to a 0, in which case it opens a drain to Ground. So your combinational logic is connecting Vcc to Ground, and as any electrical circuit does in such a situation you end up with a voltage gradient between the two, so on average your output would be 2.5 V in the given situation (depending on the placement of the connection it could be any value between 0 and 5V except the opposite connection would give the complement, causing it all to average out) Yes in theory you could operate a not gate without a drain, its just that the operation would be extremely unpredictable due to enviornmental variables. (and by extremely unpredictable, I mean completely. Due to enviornmental factors, there is no way to tell what value any given part of the circuit will have if you leave it floating [no inputs], as certain circumstances can cause it to even increase in voltage, so you can never trust a circuit node that does not have something actively giving it a value.) Edit: Also figured to clarify: on such an inverter, inputs of 0V-1V output ~5V; and inputs of 3.8V-5V output ~0V; Inputs of 1-3.8V give floating outputs which could be literally anything (general values, different components will have different specific values, but there will always be a large margin in the middle of undefined values)
  10. 1) All of those circuits end up driving 0.5 given certain inputs which is not a valid input to anything (for example Or(1,0) should equal 1, when your implementation would be outputting .5[the voltage between 0 and 1]) 2)You are driving currents through the components orders of magnitude higher than what they are rated for (IE you are putting several amps through a device intended to support at most several mA) all because each and every one of those circuits has some condition where its a short circuit.
  11. You actually remember it an hour later. ... What? As I just mentioned I have plenty of experience with such things as I am studying that. Just to point out the most glaring issue, there is no possible way to perform any operation that requires more than a single bit as an input using only NOT gates without causing severe issues in the circuit that would render the final result inoperable by any set of standards. And designing IC logic is probably the most inefficient way to teach someone how to use programming languages. (They are pretty much fundamentally different)
  12. It teaches you how to make logic circuits in such a way that your end product at best would end up not working, and at worst straight up start on fire/melt, if you actually made the thing in real life. I am very sure that I know what logic circuits are, as I am studying Computer Engineering. Additionally what little correct information Minecraft can teach on logic circuits just happens to be the sort of stuff that is taught much more by pretty much any other means.(not even going to get into the fact of how I am fairly sure there are no programming languages that use logic circuits, as that is the sort of thing you use an HDL for)
  13. Mather, generally when arguing about something being educational it is assumed that it teaches you something that is actually usable outside of the context of teaching it otherwise you are just wasting time. For example, Redstone logic has no actual use outside Minecraft as the process involved violates so many rules that attempting to implement a redstone logic circuit with real parts would at best crash and burn (literally). Also if people need to be pointed to videos demonstrating stuff its not really the game doing the teaching, its more the videos doing it.
  14. Or there is always "I never use anything other than WASD" or the super efficient "I only use WASD"
  15. Hmmm... I may join this as my schedule has freed up a bit. I am wondering exactly what you mean by "YOU HAVE THE OPTION OF CHOOSING TO BE AN OUTSIDER OR OTHER THEMATICALLY APPROPRIATE MONSTER WITH 1+ CLASS LEVEL IF YOU SO CHOOSE" Is that CR+1 as base class level, HD+1 as class level, or something else?
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