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  1. Hey Nice, Any chance you could let me have a go on your account ? Would love if you could pm your password ...It would make my weeek/month
  2. Trust Me you're not going to get Bodybuilders Arms, for that you need Perfect Genetics, Diet, Rest and of course "Supplements". Here are a few tips Work your Triceps just as much as your Biceps, if not more. Triceps take up roughly 2/3 of your Arm Muscles. Dips, Tricep Kickbacks with the Dumbells are an ok excerise (You won't be able to move much weight with this excercise though so start Light) , Would be much better to do Dips, Close Grip Bench Press (Need a Barbell + Bench for this). For Biceps just do Standing/Seated Dumbell Curls. Also you could do them on an inclined surface to Isolate the Bicep more
  3. Take up Bodybuilding and/or Powerlifting, you won't regret it.
  4. ^ Hey do you go to Gym Often , If so whats your routine / diet like, If not just ignore me lol
  5. Hey werent you the best friend of the old nite, was sad what happened. I've known this game and this forum for far too long now, I've also been drinking tonight so I may sound rather emotional
  6. I am putting 29 Mill worth of stuff into chest ...World 152, Party Chest, See you There ..5 Minutes, Beautiful
  7. World 152, Party Chest, See you There ..5 Minutes, Beautiful
  8. Lol gonna ask two questions if its alright Whats your bodyfat % roughly? Whats your diet looking like?
  9. Pub Golf :D - Kaos, Southampton!!! I am the one at the back with white glove Kaos again, on left, Love Kaos 80 p for a Vodka Mixer and 2.50 for Cheeky V , mmm
  10. Agreed. doubt it...he shared acc to get 200m mining exp AND 200m agility. either that or he extreme nolifes...i mean, 2m exp gains in one of the slowest skills in a day?! Don't make assumptions if you don't know if you're right. Points to Sig, He dosent account share but he isnt exactly the nicest of players when you get to know his real self. Thats all I am gonna say but fair play to him to be able to grind so much at those skills.
  11. 9/10 , Personally my favourite level, which I will never achieve
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