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  1. ok i will not do. ty lock plz
  2. could i do it all night with out being banned
  3. ok so i walk into the lumby basement and there are people mage spider with full rune on. why are they doing it and what are they casting lock plz
  4. Emh14


    what code to i past to get a pic on here
  5. Emh14

    help for

    ok so i need help training. i want to know a monster that will auto attack and is ok xp at lest 40-50k xp of more a hour. dont really care about drops. plus does not hit offen
  6. wowo i as about to ask that.
  7. Emh14


    k so i got a brozen def then got a iron one. should i drop the brozen one
  8. if i wear a ring of wealth. does in help
  9. ok what is the draop rate for a Basilisk head. ty
  10. Emh14


    does the kingdom still gather stuff for u ever when u are f2p have 750k in it
  11. Emh14


    ok what lvl clu do u get from your kingdom
  12. does it work on gostly warriors.
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