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  1. Sigh... I give up. 2 posts later, people wander off topic. Im guessing Jagex won't do anything anyways so I guess this topic can be locked.
  2. Wow this went from how can I report the ip address to how I can get a bank pin. Just so you all know, my cousin called me and told me my name had been changed to "thanks4 600m". That's when I knew I had been hacked. I changed my password a week ago so I didn't even tell anyone my password. I looked at my documents and [cabbage] and saw no downloaded files during that time frame. But I digress and the question remains. How can I report this damn ip address to Jagex. I looked everywhere on the Runescape main page. There is no option for sending anything. Some seriously bad customer support right there.
  3. I haven't done anything rs related in a week except look at the ge updates for tortstols. I used to look at these threads and wonder how people got hacked if they actually didn't type in their password anywhere. Now it happens to me. So I guess it's true. You can get hacked without typing in ur password into anywhere. Thanks Nyo for the website. Found out the crook is in Canada. The only things I'm going across the border for are drugs not a computer nerd though.
  4. Touche but I will help future would-be hackerees. Yeah I dont know what I said either. Edit: why need one if you're quiting!?
  5. Yeah not really gonna happen. I didn't download ANYTHING at all anyways. I took a break and haven't logged in for a week. When I get back, I get hacked. And that is pretty sad how I poured so many hours into this and all I get in return: dropped 2 chaotics, 300m gone, and the hacker putting some immature statements in my notes page. Meanwhile, Jagex will not do anything.
  6. I recently got hacked somehow. I never gave out my password to anyone and never signed on to any runescape fansite other than here. I got the douche's ip address. How / Can I report this to Jagex?
  7. Exact value is .6 seconds. Do it JUST before it is about to attack. Can't believe people still have trouble with this. Practice for an half an hour and you should be able to get it.
  8. Ugh why does it seem like they come month after month? Was about to cancel my membership too >_>. Guess I'll train some random skill. I have a feeling that these weekends are going to come in a higher concentration to please people that came back/newbies.
  9. farming toadflax should 2x ur bank in a few days. slayer tasks in between farm runs
  10. I think you put the gloves on right before the kill which is pretty annoying if you want to afk. If you slay casually, don't get it.
  11. 3:1 brews to restores but you really shouldn't need it. terrorbird full of sharks.
  12. From herblore habitat where you have a 33% chance to get an extra herb
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