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  1. Fill your addiction with something else. Try something else like alcohol, a spouse, or another game. You will eventually find yourself with many things to fill your time.
  2. Nice article, but I have to disagree with the conclusion drawn from the examples of three bug abuses(the penguin glitch, the dungeoneering runecrafting glitch, the mu glitch). It is not the length of time that causes attention and care from the general population, it is the magnitude of the act. The penguin glitch wasn't just a bot that ran for 1000 days without getting caught. It was about people getting levels 1000x faster. For those gained hundreds of points, levels were basically instant. With the Dungoneering Glitch, RC exp was much faster. Again, it wasn't just a bot that could run for 100 days without getting banned, it was the EXP rate. Lastly, the mu glitch was simply astronomical compared to everyday botters. The ability to log people out allowed people such as Pkers and Stakers to make immense amounts of money. This in turn was directly stealing from the banks of legitimate players. Obviously this would intice a response stronger than a level 3 sorcerer's garden bot. Bottom line, 1000x exp for one hour>1000 hours of botting. Not the time, but magnitude.
  3. Assuming you are boxing or some other type of staking where the chance to win is around 50%, around 0.2%.
  4. No, restart if you want to be a serious staker. With your stats you should expect to lose against people 20-30 levels under you.
  5. is still bored

  6. It depends on your timezone. If you are in a more common timezone such as EST, then you are just going to get camped by Pkers. Otherwise, pray to the Jagex gods that you get lucky.
  7. Interesting articles this week, my $0.02. 1. The first article mentioned that by increasing the exp max, people would stop trying to grind these skill to the max. I believe this would actually increase competition. At current, once you have reached 200m exp, your location in the high scores is set. There is no way to advance higher or drop lower. By increasing the limit to basically infinity, this would provoke competition to raise in ranks. Ranks would no longer be locked down by order in which 200m exp was achieved, but whoever could grind more. The simple act of getting 200m exp shows true dedication and ability to grind for extended amounts of time. It should be no surprise that these people will try their hardest to rise in ranks. This would even prompt others not at 200m exp to try to raise in ranks. For the more common 200m exp skills, there is little glory in getting all 200m exp and being rank 250+. This will promote competition for these prestigious spots, not stop people from trying to reach an unobtainable amount of exp. 2. I think many points in the second article are valid, though I fail to see the absolute connection to skillcapes. The first few paragraphs talk about motivation and the prestige of a skillcape. While this is true for some, there are at least an equal amount of people who want an 99 to "complete" the skill. I won't mention the many other reasons one might want a 99, but suggesting people are getting these capes for the prestige of being one of the 100k man army with these capes is dubious. In addition, the connection to botting is simply false. While many botters do want skillcapes, saying skillcapes caused a great number of bots to pop up is simply untrue. Correlation does not imply causation. Granted botting grew after skillcapes, I believe this is simply due to the increase in popularity in the game. Years ago, bots were hard to find, fairly ineffective, and not as widespread as today. Now, you can find them off google in seconds. Bottom line, there is really little connection between the skillcape and bots. Lastly, more and more people are using otehr clients to play Runescape. These do not count as hits on the Runescape website, and have steadily risen in popularity due to their general helpfulness and convenience.
  8. If you are too scared don't go to MB. If you are just some random 3 itemer who is scared of dying after a kill, stay in level 1 Wildy.
  9. That's terrible. Honestly. There are unspoken rules between friends. Sure, techinically you could have kept the items. But if you were a true friend you wouldn't make excuses to why you could keep their stuff. Friends>Pixels. Nice kill though, I would have trolled and logged out.
  10. I find that pretty sad to be honest. I know a guy who also recently got "hacked" and lost well over 5 years' worth of "work". I haven't seen him online since that day and according to one of his RL friends he had a mental breakdown and didn't talk for a few days and even went as far as not showing up for school. There was also mention of him not eating for a day or two. I didn't know whether to laugh or feel pitty. I understand that it takes a lot of time to get to where some players are but if you're going to have a mental breakdown over a game then it isn't a game anymore. Then it becomes a job/life/addiction. Still, working on something for 5 years is definitely taking it too far to just call it a "game" don't you think? I wouldn't say addiction, but more like ambition. Nope. It's still a game whether you play 1 hour a year or 15 hours a day. And if your abmitions lay in a game then your priorities aren't where they should be. Then again, it is possible to have more than 1 ambition. Go to South Korea. "E-sports" are not very popular in most countries, but there are places where games are important in life. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing a game.
  11. I was wondering if anybody knows how long a prayer must be up for it to take affect. I had been smashing my head against a brick wall trying to SS flash at Frost Dragons. Even though I consistently flick magic protect up before the dragon attacks, I still get hit constantly.
  12. Keep in mind for weapons of the same caliber, the fastest(In this case Karils) will always have the highest DPS. I've never used the others extensively, so I cannot rank those.
  13. You are never under attack by Zammy though. If you are scared of Bloodvelds or hellhounds, you really shouldn't be doing solo Bandos.
  14. Do you log out or just go to lobby?
  15. Alright, was checking to make sure I wasn't missing anything major(I forgot about the dung scroll >.>). I remember there was a way to keep your stats from going down by logging every 30 seconds or something?
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