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  1. Just because we're not posting, doesn't mean we aren't following :) Enjoyed reading everything. Mind if I ask what you do for cash? Getting to 80 Herb is a goal of mine, but I feel like I'm always broke!
  2. Why do I think of Woody from Toy Story when I look at you?
  3. Women over the age of 25 who put their hair up in a ponytail that is more towards one side of their head than the other. Makes them look like a retarded child.
  4. Second is rather large... [spoiler=Zooey Deschanel] [spoiler=Non-Anorexic Jordana Brewster]
  5. Blah, been working on farming non-stop for the last 3 weeks, going from 61 up to my current 82. Obviously the goal was Torstols, but now I'm not sure if it's really worth it. Still somewhat profitable, but not as much to show :/
  6. There's a difference between complimenting and just plain old being an ass. Okay, we got the point 500 posts ago that you think she's inefficient, move on. I don't even post in these forums, mostly lurk, but good lord, your arrogance (misplaced at that) completely ruins this thread. The constant "oh you're 2k total, you must be bad" is completely ridiculous to the point it actually makes me laugh. The only thing needed for this game is time, not skill, so just because your total is higher doesn't really mean anything at all. For all you know I train with the best possible methods for any current level I have, yet according to your amazing logic, you're better than me because you're allowed the freedom to play more. Good on you!
  7. Sup everyone, been around a long time, just barely post! Wanting to say hi and also get my runetrack signature clicked so I can activate it!
  8. Hi to everyone above! Also wanted to introduce myself! I've been around for a good while, but never did anything but random posts throughout the last couple of years. I'm what I guess could be called a skiller oriented person, only gaining any combat levels because of Slayer. I try to keep my skills around a decent minimum level, obviously excluding Dungeoneering and Summoning, which are lvl 34 and lvl 1 respectively. I came back to Runescape about 2 months ago and have been loving just like I used to! Look forward to seeing you guys around! P.S. I'd also really appreciate it if some people would click my signature so my Runetrack can activate!
  9. Heh good stuff here. I recently took a big dive into farming myself and I'm liking your progress! You also make me want to go to Castle Wars again...
  10. Staking has always been one of those activities I've wanted to try out, but never new what stats/rules I should go with. I would love some input from experienced players on how to build my main. Is all lost or is there still a decent stats setup I can accomplish? 87 attack 85 strength 83 defense 64 prayer 78 range 85 magic 1 summoning
  11. Because an update every now and then is terrible..you are right. What was I thinking :roll: If you seriously think adding some form of weapon, that doesn't even have to be Dragon, will decrease the f2p->p2p membership process by a good amount then all I have to say is lol. F2p will never be comparable to p2p for the simple fact that there is so much more content in p2p.
  12. why are f2p worthy of dragon items jagex receive nothing from them :| oh and if paying players don't deserve godswords to we deserve any updates at all and we should be going back to the first day of rs release Yes, p2p does deserve some kind of update every now and then since they are paying customers and it is expected from Jagex. However, how does that mean that Jagex can't throw an update at f2p every now and then? This has nothing to do with being "worthy", which I still don't understand why you [wagon]es keep using that and "deserve" to explain why someone who is f2p shouldn't get something.
  13. de·serve (d-zûrv) v. de·served, de·serv·ing, de·serves v.tr. To be worthy of; merit. Why the hell are any of you saying that f2p doesn't "deserve" Dragon weapons? Who gives you the right to say who "deserves" something or doesn't? Because you pay for members (which I do as well) you think you can pick who should and shouldn't get an item? Even if f2p was to receive dragon items on down the road, that will not effect your gameplay at all, nor will it decrease the amount of membership (or rather, decrease by a significant amount) that Jagex receives. Main point is...stop trying to tell others what they do or don't deserve. Members didn't "deserve" to get Godswords, but they still received them.
  14. Hey, just wanted to ask and see what everyone was using for an experience gain/level requirement tool now. I used to use RSDemon, but apparently it hasn't been updated since the middle of 2006. Anyone have a good toolkit they have been using?
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