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  1. Personally I wouldn't include the key's, but not a bad start to a log. Keep it up
  2. Your friend's tweet a lot. Congrats and all that
  3. I'm glad someone remembers me from the golden days :) Do you remember what I gave you? My old forum post was up for the longest time, but seems to have disappeared within the past month. Still have most-all of those old staking/bank pictures. Would have replied earlier, but I was banned from the forums
  4. Got my first one back in 2006-2007 or so and finally got it back today! :)
  5. Moving past the nerds with no lives/girlfriends/jobs attempting to describe luck, yes your luck is crazy good there.
  6. Not a huge pk'ing video watcher, but I really liked your video. The music selection was very nice and a nice style of editing. Like mentioned before, the music changed too quickly. Not enough to make my view of your video go down-I just feel like it would be even better if the music clips lasted a tidbit longer. Seemed like a pretty original video to me. 2 thumbs up!
  7. Why 115 with 11 prayer? What's the difference between a maxed guy and that?
  8. I have a maxed melee main right now, but I can't seem to pull enough wins off with him to make a profit (currently cleaned). I do however have a non-maxed account. He's not quite finished and I need some help on deciding what levels I should get him up to. Looking to make him a boxer mainly, but I'm open to ideas. STATS: 86 combat 81 attack 65 strength 80 defense 78 hp 20 range 1 magic 1 prayer 1 summoning
  9. I was the victor of 9 fights in a row ranging from 6-7m each. Not a whole lot value wise, but one hell of a winning streak!!!
  10. Man, wish I could say I beat you at our boxing match, but alas that isn't how the fight unfolded. Honor losing to you :( BTW, this thread is epic! I used to hold one of the largest threads (if not the largest) on here for wins back in the day. I'm glad to see someone has taken the reins. Best of luck! :)
  11. Like the score screen says, "nothing special." JK. Nice man
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