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  1. Just wondering. Attack 76 Strength 74 Defense 76 Constitution 77 Magic 78 Ranged 76 Prayer 61 Summoning (I doubt it matters) 56 Access to ancient magicks No access to any special quest related or otherwise prayers. Also, recommend any tips? I can always look at the guide but don't hesitate to tell me any tips or warnings that isin't covered by tip.it's guide. Will it be a cakewalk with my given stats? If I die, will I easily be able to recover my items?
  2. Any time, have a good one! :D

  3. Thanks dude! Didn't expect a happy birthday from anyone on Tip.It.

    I thought they stopped doing that birthday thing honestly!

  4. Haha! Thanks man, I never expected anyone from Tip.it to wish me a happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday :D

  6. Hapy Birthday!

  7. I think that the completionist cape would be completly doable if it wasnt for the following requirements: ~5k castle wars games (Thats like 1/3 a year of playing cwars I think) Jagex can't honestly believe that people (With only a bit of time on their hands) would actually spend a significant part of their lives playing all these games to earn a simple cape. I understand were not being forced to play 5k games and its our choice, but it does make the cape seem like a huge time waster. Especially when such time can be devoted to other skills or quests or even things in real life. Like STUDYING. ~All music tracks unlocked (arent there some tracks that were only available through holiday events. Such as "Diango's little helpers" from the 2005 xmas event? Will those be counted? Is there a way to unlock them after the event? Or is it unlocked already even if the player never participated in the event?)
  8. Da2Shae


    Oh yeah I remember Notch (Creator of Minecraft) tweeted about this game last week. It looks great! I wish we can get a release date on it.
  9. Actually, I think we just confirmed that it's the latter - giving a group Vengeance... "Vengeance Group is a Lunar spell released with Livid Farms on 4 April, 2011. It casts Vengeance Other on up to 30 players within a 3x3 square around the caster. When activated, all players around the caster receive the effect of vengeance. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds." http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Group_Vengeance Yep, you're right. Boosted grave rush anyone? EDIT: From rswiki
  10. I guess this will be good for bork's ork legions, or soulwars. :/ I'm actually glad you can't give multiple people vengeance, I'd hate to be playing soulwars and be rushed by a grave rush team of vengeance boosted players. X_X
  11. It really did, although either way I don't have any of the skill requirements. So many highlevel skills reqs this year.
  12. Ok thanks guys! I got a guthan's chainskirt on my first try!!
  13. Ok some good suggestions here. Although I don't plan on tanking or doing slayer dart, I was going to rely completly on black salamander since all I can really afford to wear is a rune plate, d legs, glory, obby cape, helm of neitiznot and d boots. Until I can get some decent cash for some good armor and weapons I'm just going to stick to this style. One last question, what are the odds of getting any piece of barrows armor assuming I kill all the brothers?
  14. At these stats, will I be able to do barrows without a problem? I also just recently finished desert treasure and got ancients. I'm working on prayer, however money is extremely tight. What bones should I buy on a low budget? Also other tips/advice on merchanting?
  15. Its cool bro. I can't tell you how many games I've quit because the game was dumb, abusive, boring etc... Ok two, Combat Arms and Soldier Front. But seriously, try to have fun on your search for a better game. I hate to be "That Guy" to have to ask this but... Can I have some of your stuff since you're quitting? :D RSN: D2S
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