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  1. The efficiency-scape schism that took place didn't help things much either.
  2. sarg1010


    So I somehow managed to get an A in a class that I went to one day out of the half semester. The semester was split between learning AutoCAD and Inventor, but due to transitioning from an internship to full time (10 hour days, 2 p.m. to ~12 a.m.) coupled with class at 7 a.m. to 11, then from 12 to 2, I couldn't manage to go to all of my classes, so the Inventor class suffered, but for some reason I got an A for a final grade.
  3. IIRC you block/parry against humans (and dodge the heavy weapon guys) and dodge attacks from monsters. The combat seems to encourage actually thinking like a monster hunter, and taking your time when fighting, instead of just hacking and slashing mindlessly. Gotta read that bestiary man. ;)
  4. Personally, I thought Sonic Generations was pretty freaking fun. I got it for the Xbox 360 when it came out, and loved the nostalgia. Very solid game.
  5. Got Fallout 4 as well. :thumbup: Found this while browsing reddit. That almost happened to me when I first attacked Outpost Zimonja (east of Sanctuary). The mini nuke went soaring past my head. Scared me ALMOST as much as when the deathclaw in that pit outside of Malden (I believe. There, or Lexington) started chasing me. Coincidentally, I ran into Malden while trying to escape, and the deathclaw got distracted by some synths, so I managed to escape to the elementary school. And suddenly, there was a miniature nuclear explosion in the city, so I decided to check it out. Discovered the remains of the deathclaw (deadclaw hurr hurr), multiple Institute synths, and a suicide super mutant.
  6. Maybe just like a small buckler perhaps? One that just straps to our forearm.
  7. sarg1010


    The Nintendo DS was region free until the DSi (and then only DSi titles were region-locked and even then only on the DSi [or later, 3DS]). I have Pokemon: Schwarze Edition 2. Used it to RNG perfect Dittos of all the viable natures (essentially all but the neutral ones [i.e., Quirky] and the "lower defense, higher special defense" and vice versa), Trick Room Dittos, and viable Hidden Power Dittos with both Timid and Modest natures (Ice, Electric, Grass, Fire, Rock, Ground, and Fighting). For reference, this is 32 different Dittos... Why? Well: the Hidden Grotto in the crater with Kyurem could spawn a Ditto. Simply RNG the Grotto to spawn a Ditto, and then RNG the Ditto. I could have done this on my English copy, but then I would have English Dittos, which are less useful for breeding than a foreign Ditto. Since I can't read Japanese (well, I only speak/read English), I chose a European edition so I could quickly translate anything, if necessary (during the "story" and to verify natures/characteristics when RNGing the Dittos). That being said, Gen. V are considered DSi games, as they are DSi-enhanced. So I wouldn't be able to play 'em. On my DS, maybe, but I wouldn't be able to play 'em on my 3DS which puts me off from buying them. I don't really want to bother with getting Japanese versions of Gen V-VI for that reason. Show-off time~ The sticker on my FireRed screwed up... I hate that... It's developed some kind of air bubbles under the layer of transparent stuff and it's never been the same since. You don't have Pokemon Yellow? For shame sir. (Unless you said earlier that you do/don't have it... :P)
  8. sarg1010


    I'm not much of a soccer/football watcher, but I'm watching the Germany/England WCC game, and must say that the ref seems like a clown... Like holy crap, some of those calls.
  9. Can't quite remember if these are all PS1 or not, but... Crash Bandicoot games (1, 2, 3, Bash, Wrath of Cortex, Crash Team Racing) Jak and Daxter games Jumping Flash! All of those demo disks that had a few games on them to try out Warhawk (I think it was called that anyway) Area 51
  10. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  11. GOG.com is selling Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds for $6.00 (the Star Wars equivalent of Age of Empires 2). That is all.
  12. In case anyone happens to care, or was wanting to get some new peripherals... https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/insider-ces-2015-appreciation-sale.1920/ Make a "Razer Insider" account (free to create, then promptly ignore), and they'll give you a code for 50% off of one item of your choosing from their store, or 30% of a "RazerBlade" (a gaming laptop I guess?). Normally I'm not too trusting of Razer's stuff, but 50% off a new headset is tempting...
  13. Instead of sending new stuff directly to TH, make them actual updates and expand upon them (like slayer masks).
  14. sarg1010

    Dota 2

    Well that was a pretty boring grand finals...
  15. Probably spent more than I should've, but here's my list. Portal 2 Civ 5 Brave New World + Vikings faction Papers Please Realm of the Mad God (free I know, but still) Planetary Annihilation Brutal Legend Wasteland 2 7 Days to Die Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Supreme Commander Oberkommando West expansion for COH2 And all of the DLC for Payday 2 (minus armoured transport) Not to mention the trading cards I bought and sold. Pretty solid steam sale I'd say.
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