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  1. I thought this was quite funny tbh:) And like 5 minutes after that: Which means: Follow for Runescape Update
  2. Congrats on 99 range. Goodluck on getting that Hilt =D> 9/10
  3. Congratulations on a hard level. That must have cost you alot of money and time. 95/99 :)
  4. Wow, that was just solid smooth ownage. :shock: Did Jad hit a 80 on you when you made that little magepray mistake? :ohnoes: and super awesome healer destruction =D>
  5. I like the way you organised everything. I even have trouble with organizing my (small) bank. Darn you f2p bankspace :(
  6. fake or not, I think it still is the prettiest skillcape
  7. Nice levels :) Cool bank too. I liked the three rune nails:P 9/10
  8. Very very nice indeed defenitely a 10/10. Im already happy to reach 700 total (f2p):P Good job
  9. Very nice goals :) goodluck with all those 99's. Hope I will get a 99 one day:) Have fun with the parties
  10. Wow, very nice getting it down to 1 xp :) Congratz on that awesome 99:)
  11. I would say I like Varrock and Falador the most. Varrock for all of the trading, but Falador for mining. Besides Falador is qutie close to Port Sarim. Which means it is quite close to Karamja which has the only place to fish lobsters (in free world).
  12. Nice =) When I Runecrafted my way up to level 50 I made about 83k airs. But I did use world 16, so props to you:)
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