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  1. Bought one for 6.5M and got me 14 days of membership. I can easily gain more on the GE during that period of time so I can only hope prices stay this low and I'll never have to pay for membership again :-)
  2. Well it has the big advantage of being saved on death, which makes it useful for solo-bossing. Dieing with this armour only puts 4 items at risk: your 2 weapons and your amulet and ring. With protect item you can save all 4 and oinly lose your food... That for me makes it worth buying.
  3. World 123 is constantly running a game at this moment, it's lagfree
  4. At the spawning location south of Shilo is the picture of the legends guild
  5. They drop some noted goodies that will add up. I could see them possibly getting botted in the future. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Automaton_Cave Found the complete droplist, thanks though
  6. Quite interested in what the slayermonsters drop
  7. I always thought it was a myth, but after trying for a very long time, i finally got a rev drop from the chaos elemental
  8. Had this happening as well. It even syayed dry dock but I could send it out immediately. And I went there as soon as his voyage was completed
  9. Can we go back to the actual port update discussion rather than having to read through 5 pages of whining about how some people managed to get an advantage? The armour will still be worth alot by the time most of the usual players reach the outer regions. As far as I know, even with the advantages no armour or scrimshaws are available in game yet. Anyway on topic, in what region can you get the bureaucrat and what does it do that everyone want's it so bad?
  10. 1. Like it has been said so many many times before, your old rate will not be affected by purchasing the Gold Membership, if you were paying 4.60 before, you will be paying 4.60 again after the year, should you decide to purchase the Gold Membership. You will NOT lose your old rate. 2. Not everything in SGS are cosmetic, the 2000 rune coines are enough to buy all 5 bank boosters. Hasn't been confirmed yet by Jagex that you won't lose it, it is assumed by a large part of the player base. What Jagex did confirm was that bank boosters could be bought with Loyalty Points. Still waiting for that day to come....
  11. I'm still paying 4,60 euros a month as well just like many here. 12 months cost me 55,20 EUR in comparison to 64,95 for the gold package. I wouldn't mind paying ahead for a full year like I did before many times, but not when I have to pay 10-15% extra for some cosmetics and a daily spin... They haven't made it clear either if this deal would upgrade my 4,60 to 6,95 a month. That would include a price change from 55,20 to 83,40 EUR for the year after that. I assume the worst case scenario, which in my case would cost me 37,95 EUR in 2 years extra, or over 8 months I can play extra with my current price.
  12. My longest zamorak Solo, I got the sugjugation gloves at 540 kills
  13. That's a shame, the yew logs were the best reason to kill it. It was alot faster than cutting them
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