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  1. Well im not sure if theres anyone on the forum that will know me still but i used to be pretty active back in the day, started playing rs again the last yr after an 8 yr break lol not to sure how active this forum is anymore but i was hopping to get some help from anyone and everyone My dog is in a world wide contest and I need all the help I can get to pull off a win, he has made it to the finals from over 200 entries and the most likes wins a hand drawn picture of the image from an amazing artist. Please if you would be so kind to like the picture of the husky and share it to everyone you know would be awesome. Here is a link to the image and if for some reason the link doesn't work you can search 'personal artwork' on Facebook and find the contest there, then like and share the picture of the husky with the same instructions. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156464791545379&id=734325378
  2. Guilty to what charges... :'( i dont wanna go to jails
  3. well what would you like me to change? i actually make it using your site, took a print screen of it and made it over top of your site.. What do you want changed, fixed to make it better
  4. is this something like what youd be looking for? likes? dislikes?
  5. What would you like it to say on it? and like what were you thinkin of it to look like?
  6. I could give it a shot later, if its not done by the time i look at doing it (later tonight or tomorrow maybe)
  7. Error when i click that link, get that fixed and same goes, i wont be able to make it for a couple days
  8. I could fix that for you but it wont be for a while, busy the next few days
  9. all donee, you like? dislike?
  10. Well if you dont know me i used to work in photoshop quite a bit but not so much anymore. Give me a request and ill make you a sig Image: Dimention: Text:
  11. huh? no text, and instead of black a white boarder? ??
  12. Ask and you shall receive :D Little unsure with the text, but ive never been good with text
  13. made my first sig in who knows how long, anyone want it? ill put a name on it
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