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  1. Ill have a chat with a few people tomorrow and see what they say as im short on sleep so probs not the best idea for me to discision atm. But maybe the outsides need to be a little more black to blend in better as the white does show up alot Font change maybe? not to sure though but as i said ill ask a few clan members tomorrow to see what they may think Thanks for your hard work too!
  2. K uploaded it though wierdly Firefox dosnt notice the change even after clearing cache but safari does so does chrome mmm Dont think that it belnds in to well with the forums http://www.nwogaming.net/forums/
  3. Thats Frakking awesome! Think you could make No Way Out just a tad bigger? Ill change my banner and see what it looks like then get back to you:P Cheers
  4. well i was hoping for it to blend in with the current forum theme and the hopefully to include No Way Out clan or something along the lines of that. cheers
  5. Hello guys Im here to request a banner for my clans forum as the default theme that i installed on my phpbb3 forums came with the default banner. I just need something to replace it that has something to do with my clan and blends in with the forums design Were a multigaming clan so not just retricted to one game. currently in the process of reviving my clan for apb reloaded and hopefully to also be set up as a clan on other games as time goes on. so i need a banner thats got the theme of Apb reloaded but not over the top considering were a multi gaming clan. If someone could help me out here and maybe design me something to fit in to my clans new forum. Any ideas would be great too! Also heres my current banner that i use and my forums to give you a idea www.nwogaming.net/forums Many thanks Scar
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