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  1. Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I can't believe Jagex is using such an exploitable system as well.
  2. This is what I thought at first too. I must say, I don't particularly like this idea. They compare them to Zanik, but Zanik worked because she was created for the quest series. It wouldn't have worked if you just replaced Zanik with Xenia and adjusted the story so it worked with her, which I think is basically going to happen with these 'heroes'. These heroes seem tailor made to do a team-up, a Runescapian Avengers/Justice League if you will. Ariane seems to be the closest thing to a main character, and not in a good way. A rational, idealistic, pretty young mage who has studied at the Wizard's Tower and Mages' Guild and knows almost all varieties of magic, who happens to be a limited pre-cog. That's dangerously close to Mary Sue-dom.
  3. Talking to Mod Poppy on the F-Mod forums, apparently the Future Updates forum is "on the top of her list" to pass on to the forum devs, but that it will take "a huge show of support" for it to come back. I have to say, I'm pissed. Future Updates was one of the few good RSOFsections and now they want us to just post in General?
  4. Java isn't really the biggest thing holding them back, graphics-wise. Its just because having high polygon-count models would make things very laggy when streamed like Runescape is
  5. I can see this being implemented, but I have trouble seeing it as a skill instead of just another minigame/D&D/activity. Just doesn't seem to fit as a skill
  6. Looking at the Q&A with Gerhard, they have apparently started anoth MMO in addition to Stellar Dawn, which could explain it. Not to mention that when Mechscape was canned it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the people who worked on that left.
  7. Once again, the ranking system: Initiate -> Proselyte -> Acolyte -> Partisan. http://runescape.wik...ki/White_knight Once again, Witchhaven villagers' dialogues have changed to reflect that Mother Mallum has risen. Their dialogue changed when this event took place, like the Seers' dialogue did. Also, the animation that played during this event was slightly similar to animations from Kennith's Concerns. I'm not sure if they are exactly the same, but if they were, it'd be a dead giveaway. I keep hearing that the villagers have new dialogue, then I hear that they've always said that. Which is it?
  8. Who the hell said Gwd? We're probably going to be used as a portal, a gateway for Zaros to return to this realm, just maybe. Our characters are 'vital for Zaros' revival' and we are needed 'in one piece'. It could just be figurative or it could be literal. Zaros didn't die, he simply faded out of existance on this plane. Also, Zaros wasn't in the God Wars (was he?), so it wouldn't make sense for him to be involved as his forces had largely been wiped out when Zamorak betrayed him. Zaros had already been banished long before the God Wars. The God Wars were the result of Zamorak returning as a god and taking control of much of Zaros' forces and the other gods fighting him because they wanted Zaros' empire for themselves Not true. Most of Zamorak's army were converted Zarosians, including Vampyres (though only for the promise of Hallowvale), most Mahjarrat, humans, and so on. Zaros had an army
  9. I support everything except for the changes to quest design.
  10. maybe, but i'd like to think the surge was part of what will be several months of teasing and strange events before it's related release. the twitter post makes me think it's something small, but that might just be because it's twitter :wall: "All will be revealed soon :-) Ajd" I don't think it'll be months. I'll give it 3 weeks at the most until whatever the Strange Power is hinting at is released.
  11. They stopped using life runes when summoning stopped being a part of magic.
  12. Just wonder, what exactly is the story in this quest? I know its basically 'go kill Nomad' or whatever, but I'd like a little more depth
  13. Im up to 35 days. It'd probably be a lot higher if the RSOF were counted. I waste too much time on there.
  14. Not to mention its been done before (FFXI had a Bard extra class) and a while ago, when the Dev Blog for rest came out, a JMod said they weren't making a skill of it.
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