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  1. Idk how to put it into an image but.... Visage from barrows
  2. What would be the best set up for a spirit warrior task?
  3. From lvl 80 - 99 I did yew longbows. Got about 100k an hour and 1M xp a day. Got 99 in like 10 days.
  4. So I'm looking at the woodcuttig guide and notice that if I string a rabbits foot I might get a better chance at getting bird's nests. WRONG! I went 175k xp dry while wearing it when I usually don't wear one and get about 5 nests an hour. WTF!!??
  5. I heard that it will be realeased it February - March. Maybe June - July. Hopefully not though. Hopefully earlier. I just can't wait to see what it will be.
  6. So over the past few days, I just started to play runescape again. So I go into my regular cc begin to talk to people and they say a new skill is coming out. So I try to find some more information about it and they say it's going to be F2P. If it is going to be F2P how in the world will it be Archaeology? I'm just wondering if anyone else has heard anything on this new skill or not and if it truely will be F2P.
  7. Rewards: Candy Cane (weildable weapon), Ghost Costume (obtained during quest), and Dramatic Point (emote).
  8. It will actually be here in 9 mins!
  9. Sometime today. Most likely in the afternoon. The system update will probably be the event.
  10. I was thinking wear an unholy symbol and stay in zammy area. have a pray pot and monks. not sure though. never been to gwd before.
  11. What do you think is the best equiptment and pack to bring to Spiritual Warriors? Lvls: 80 Att, Str, and Def.
  12. Nice! I have the same goal as well. just much more of a journey. I'm at 81/99.
  13. Magic the gathering... Interesting...
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