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  1. Hey Mic! :) I'm 17, and I quit as well. Although, you got way farther than me in Runescape, and I wanted to congratulate you again for all your achievements and thank you for the great time we spent togheter, and also your patience when you taught me to go monster hunting at some places i never went.. xD :) :) <3333 Etp :D
  2. Already sent something :) 198 hits in total I wish you good luck with this project, it sounds interestingly fun!! :) If you need more help, just ask! :) One of my best friends met via RS is a part of the crew, and it's something easy to do for me since I'm now f2p wearing p2p only equipment.. no need to bother finding a gear :P Etp <3:
  3. It's floor 35 actually, which is unlocked at level 69 ;)
  4. Lol we're timed :XD: I did most of While Guthix Sleeps quest and finished it! :D I loved the final battle... my iron titan almost pwned the balance elemental alone and i did not eat :XD: ah well, 4m from the lump :) And the experience of course goes to herblore! Look at xp left on 84 herblore picture. its like crazy :twss: 85 herblore was the 100th level up i got after 99 mage :thumbsup: Etp <3:
  5. Congrats Mic!! :D :D You should've told me right after the level up but it's ok, the most important's your cape! ;) Etp <3:
  6. Jagex wrote somewhere that they intended NOT to make developpment diaries for the new skill. They said it kind of spoiled the surprise with summoning's release a couple years ago
  7. I love you Ampharaos!!! This is pure genious!!! I tried to go dking yesterday... there were teams of 137s and 138s in EVERY ls world...
  8. I remember dking at 113 combat with a nubby gear or even trio lootsharing bandos with friends of my level, tyvm for posting this lugia! <3:
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