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  1. Agreed with the SC armor but Its not my decision to wether ppl use it or not, Im just showing the their options. And ok fine, if you feel superheating is better than High alching, ill add it later. I just always felt other ways are better.
  2. What is the respawn time on the Zammy wine? Because I know there are 2 whiteberries next to each other and respawn so conviently right after you telegrab the other one so it makes telegrabbing them relativly easy. Considering superheating requires more attention and clicks to possibly net similar exp to stunning and the fact that if not done correctly results in similar exp to high alching, Im gonna have to say both High Alching and Stunning are better alternatives. That along with Humidifying I think are surpassed by other methods. However if others come in telling me otherwise then I will put it in. And yes, Barraging is faster I know. Ill clarify that in the guide.
  3. Update: Added Fire Surge/Surge-Alching Methods.
  4. If you wear 2 peices of armor at a time it will not double the exp you recieve, it will double the time it takes to run out of exp bonus. Each peice lasts about 35k exp until its out of charges, wearing 2 peices will make it 70k exp until both are out, and if wearing 3 they will last 105k. Most people only use hats because the points it takes to buy them are lower than the robe top or bottom even though they all take the same amount of points to recharge. However, if you have the robe top or bottom already then sure go ahead and use them, just make sure they are in the melee form first.
  5. Because I havent logged into Tip.it in a year.
  6. =========================================>>>>>Introduction<<<<<========================================= Hey Tip.it. This is my first guide and Im gonna keep it simple, hope you all like it. Im laying it all on the table instead of just telling you how to get 1-99 doing this way and that way. In this guide I will pitch ideas on what spell to use at what level and how long to use them for. Also note that 99 Magic isnt cheap and for that I will already assume you have an effecient money making stratagy when it starts getting expensive, IF you decide to go down that route. Moving on to the table of contents. =========================================>>>>>Table of Contents<<<<<========================================= [hide]I. Introduction II. Table of Contents III. Spell Breakdown IV. Level Board V. Useful Items and Tactics VI. Conclusion[/hide] =========================================>>>>>Spell Breakdown<<<<<========================================= [hide] In this section I will explain how all the notable spells work. Wind Rushing: [hide][2 Air rune] This spell is incredibly terrible for actual usage but for training at a low level, it can get the job done. Kill a few Goblins for an Air Staff or find yourself at the Grand Exchange and buy one. After you have the staff make you're way to a helpless monster and have your way with it. Preferably the Lesser Demon at the top of the wizards tower below draynor.[/hide] Cursing/Stunning: [hide][2 Water runes, 3 Earth runes, 1 Body rune]/[12 Water runes, 12 Earth runes, 1 Soul rune] Cheap and efficient. Now, you absolutly need to wear armor that will push your Magic Attack bonus to -65 OR LOWER so that you'll never land a hit but still gain the exp. My perfered place to do this Is the Zamorak Wizard behind the Staircase in Varrock castle. Curse/Stunning Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpsD8mwww5A&feature=related[/hide] Telegrabing: [hide][1 Air rune, 1 Law rune] This method was just recently brought to my attention but there's only one way for it to work efficiently. Telegrabing the whiteberries in the wilderness from across the lava is not only a pretty decent way to gain exp, it's pretty damn good money. You will not be losing money on this one. Only advised at a low level. [/hide] Camelot Teleport: [hide][5 Air runes, 1 Law rune] Air staff and a law rune. Not much of a stratagy to this one it's pretty self explanitory.[/hide] High Alchemy: [hide][5 Fire runes, 1 Nature rune] This method is perfered all the way to 99 by some. This Method is extreamly repeatitive and is decent at best exp but, you don't lose much money if done correctly. Infact sometimes you make money. Basically just High alch until you're desired level. Players perfer to do this in crowded places for entertainment or Barrows, Void outpost, etc. because of lack of random events.[/hide] Hunter Kit: [hide][2 Astral runes, 2 Earth runes] Simply puts a hunter kit in your inv. Best to do this method at a one click bank like at castle wars. Yes this is a great way to train by the way.[/hide] String Jewelery: [hide][2 Astral runes, 10 Earth runes, 5 Water runes] Very efficient for the lazy person. Once you cast it it will AUTOCAST and string the rest of your amulets in your inventory. Then after the strining is done just simply deposit, withdraw and cast again. 83 exp Mage and 4 exp crafting per casts About the same exp per hour as stunning, a little less. This spell is more expensive though, rune wise. If you have done the Summers End quest you can go free the Rouge inside the Rouges Castle (Lvl 50 wildy) and sell him the strung ammys for low alch price. Hes located behind the range shop in Varrock after youve freed him. Gold amulets are always around 140 gp or less in the GE so by selling them to the rouge you lose no money through your ammys.[/hide] Stun-Alching/String-Kitting/Humidimbues: [hide]These stratagies takes perfect timing and extreame concentration. The idea is to cast a spell in the wait time of another spell to provide more exp. This is very efficient if you're good at it and don't mind extensive concentration. Stun-Alching walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUf7EfDz5aA String-Kitting walkthrough: Humidimbuing Walkthrough: [/hide] Plank make: [hide][2 Astral runes, 15 Earth runes, 1 Nature rune, Money] A fast way to train when you can. It can be quite costly and unlike stringing ammys you must click each and every log seperatly in order to execute a spell. This spell requires 2 astral, 15 earth, 1 nature rune and Money depending on what log youre using the spell on. Wood - 70gp Oak - 175gp Teak - 350gp Mahogany - 1050gp to cast. Plank Make Walkthrough: [/hide] Bursting/Barrageing: [hide]This is the fastest but most expensive way to 99. And im saying this right now, ALWAYS BARRAGE OVER BURST. If you choose to go this way, and you're level 94, and you're still bursting, STOP. Barraging is roughly 3x faster than Bursting. It may be more expensive but if there is one thing I've learned in this game it's that time is always more valuable than money. I'd rather spend 10 hours making 5mil, then spend 10 hours saving 2 mil. This may just be me but everyone is different. Regardless you will also be spending money on Prayer potions so there's that aswell. Now I will list the 3 places to Burst/Barrage. Know that each of the 3 have their own pros and cons. 1. Mummies (Chaos Tunnels) [hide]I barraged these from 94-99. Just saying. Anywys These mummies are within a minute walking distance to a bank and an alter if you need it. The best thing about the mummies is the fact that they drop good items. I guarantee that if you do this method you will cancel out your cost for prayer potions and possibly some of your runes. These mummies drop Rune scimitars, Rune Square Shields, Ancient Staffs, and level 2 Clue Scrolls. What absolutly sold this idea for me was that they drop effigys. I'm pretty sure I gained atleast a whole level just off the effigys alone. They aren't super duper common but, when you're killing 9 at a time you'll see a few. They also drop Challange Scrolls to my suprise. Their spawn time is extreamly short which means the lures go by extreamly fast. >When lureing go here after youve gathered alot of mummies< By luring them to that spot it will form them into a perfect 3*3 square if done correctly. Youll get the hang of it. How to get to chaos tunnel mummies: [/hide] 2. Rock Lobsters (Waterbirth island) [hide]These monsters are incredibly out of the way, the death rate is higher, you'll waste runes killing monsters you don't need to sometimes, they drop no money items whatsoever except for the occasional level 2 clue, and the lures themselves are a pain. Now all that negativity being said, their has to be some good right? Yes. They drop an immense amount of Crimson Charms. If you go this way you'll have quite the amount of charms at the end of your journey. Only recommended if you're also aiming for high summoning, if you don't care about summoning I really don't see a point to this. If you do choose to go this route then I advise you to join the clan chat "Burstinglobs". Here you can find door partners into waterbirth dungeon, entertainment, blessings if you die, and me :). I'm always they're when I'm online. Rock Lobsters Guide: [/hide] 3. Skeletons (Ape atoll) [hide]These are also out of the way and these guys don't drop items whatsoever at all. But they do respawn from their own bones meaning you don't have to do much. Once they're on you, they will be on you for awhile. These require the quest "Monkey Madness" to be atleast started to get onto Ape Atoll. This is a last resort in my opinion. Skeleton guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsQmSW67jnU (This is a Chin guide, just replace everything range related with Bursting equipment.)[/hide][/hide] Fire Surging/Surge-Alching [hide]Towards the end of your journey youll be able to use Fire Surge at level 95. I recommend this way if you want to spend that little bit of extra cash and have a little bit of extra fun getting to 99. Fire Surge give you the same amount of exp as a Stun but its an autocast and it always has the possibility of hitting higher, netting you more exp per cast. Another plus side to Surging is that you have the possibility to make your money back, maybe even plus more. I recommend doing this at Metal Dragons or Dagannoth Rex. To clarify, this method is not faster than Barraging. Metal Dragons (Brimhaven Dungeon): [hide]Lets face it, its near impossible to die here no matter how intimidating the dragons are. These guys are really weak to Fire spells so a good Fire Surge will probably upset them. I perfer killing Steels only over Irons, basically because they drop initially the same thing just Irons have a lower rate of dropping the good stuff and drop noted/stacked items in lower incraments. I took 2k Fire Surges into the dungeon and left with Dragon Platelegs, 2 Elite clue Scrolls, 1 Hard Clue scroll, and an Effigy. Oh and By the way, I got a Dragon Platebody Ornament kit in one of those elites. Again its all just luck but its also fun. They also have the possibility of dropping a Visage, I know how you all want one of those.[/hide] Dagannoth Rex (Waterbirth Island): [hide]Death rate is high. Youll probably die. But if you do please dont cry. Rex drops berserker rings, warrior rings, elites, and dragon hatchets and he drops them pretty often. Well not toooo often but they arent rare. If you decide to kill this guy make sure you know exactly what youre doing or you will die. That being said, if you do know what youre doing then yeah I guarantee you that you will make your money back. Join burstinglobs cc if you need help getting down there or if you need a team.[/hide] Surge-Alching is incredibly easy, if youre into that sort of thing. Just cast your alch once your player shoots the fire surge and you will alch your item while fighting. Its pretty simple. It wont interupt your cast or fight, its as if nothing happened.[/hide][/hide] =========================================>>>>>Level Board<<<<<========================================= [hide] Heres something I thought could be useful. 1. 1-19 Wind rush. 2a. 19-33 Curse 2b. 19-45 Curse 2c. 19-55 Curse 3a. 33-45 Telegrab 3b. 33-55 Telegrab 4. 45-55 Camalot Teleport 5a. 55-70 High Alchemy 5b. 55-71 High Alchemy 5c. 55-80 High Alchemy 5d. 55-99 High Alchemy 6a. 70-80 Ice Burst 6b. 70-94 Ice Burst 7a. 71-80 Hunter Kit 7b. 71-86 Hunter Kit 7c. 71-94 Hunter Kit 7d. 71-99 Hunter Kit 8a. 80-82 Stun/Stun-Alch/String Ammy/String-Kitting 8b. 80-86 Stun/Stun-Alch/String Ammy/String-Kitting 8c. 80-94 Stun/Stun-Alch/String Ammy/String-Kitting 8d. 80-99 Stun/Stun-Alch/String Ammy/String-Kitting 9a. 82-86 Humidimbue 9b. 82-94 Humidimbue 9c. 82-99 Humidimbue 10. 86-99 Plank Make 11a. 94-95 Ice Barrage 11b. 94-99 Ice Barrage 12. 95-99 Fire Surge/Surge-Alch The method I used was: 1-2b-4-5a-6a-8c-11a. Or in otherwords Wind rush to 19, Curse to 45, Camelot Teleport to 55, High Alchemy to 70, Ice Burst to 80, Stun to 94, and Ice Barrage to 99. I made this so you could build your mage before you even start, or for those who want to pick it up from whatever level youre on.[/hide] =========================================>>>>>Useful items and Tactics<<<<<========================================= [hide]Staff of light: The staff gives a 15% damage bonus when using combat spells and will sometimes "Draw the power of a spell completely from the staff" meaning you wont use any runes every once in awhile when bursting/barrageing. Battle Robes: These robes help cut down the cost of Bursting/Barraging by occasionally letting you use a spell without using the Catalytic rune. This combo'd with the Staff of light makes the user have a 50% chance of saving runes per cast. Only down side is, you have to play a minigame to recharge the pieces. Mud Battlestaff: Infinite Water and Earth runes. If youre Stunning this item is highly advised or else you will be spending alot more than you need to. Sacred Clay Armor: While Wearing a piece of Sacred Clay armor it gives DOUBLE the exp you normally would get when using a combat spell. After about 35k exp gain the Sacred Clay piece will run out of charges and you will need to recharge it by playing Stealing Creations. The clan chat "fast sc" will help you get fast sc points. It is important to know that you do not have to have the cooresponding armor piece to get the bonus. As in you can wear a Sacred Clay Melee Helmet and still get the Double exp. Infact I advise you to do that if youre stunning. Steam Battlestaff: Infinite Water and Fire runes. Makes Humidimbuing a whole lot easier in my opinion. Mousekeys and Function keys: These make Stunning and Plank Make a whole lot tolerable. Learn how to use them well. Netflix: Honestly I dont think I couldve stunned all that way without some entertainment. Have yall ever seen Weeds? God that show is amazing.[/hide] =========================================>>>>>Conclusion<<<<<=========================================
  7. He wanted to show he was better than some noobs at cw and was wonderign why he wasnt getting the flag when the noobs were. I think.
  8. Wtf salve works at ankous? Ill be there soon.
  9. Translated: "I don't think there is such thing as a Q U I C K 5m because earning cash is never quick, it always takes patience. While I'm saying this I would also like to make the point that there is no such thing as an easy 99 skill as well" But yea I agree with this.
  10. 1245780


    My guess was close, I thought it was Hi youtube.
  11. 1245780


    What does this mean?
  12. Omg at you freaking out and not contributing to the discussion. True, I honestly have no idea why I did that. I guess I thought he needed some help or somthing :? .
  13. Omg at people who keep thinking he wants hot topic of the week or w/e, maybe he does maybe not but either way it dosent matter. This was a legit question and maybe he would just like answers because I too would like to know what will happen in the future for weapons and what not.
  14. - Bankers + Miles, Niles, Giles as bankers. I like the Cape with the year Idea, and every year should have a different emote maybe?
  15. This is very interesting, where did you find this? Probably his mind, it makes sence tho.
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