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  1. Hard to believe that you got 13.2m+ exp there but oh well, gratz on drop =D>
  2. no its not but its not like 15k or anythign but its not horid but its not great This topic is about good clues.. so if you know your clue isn't good DON'T POST IT. you dont have 2 get all defensive over a post -.- You shouldn't even classify your clues as a post. 'Good clue reward? Post it here!' ;-) This is a pretty good clue for just 10 minutes off work....
  3. Also got 84 slayer just before the 94 hp, but oh well, missed the screen due to connection lost. :
  4. It was either from my robin hood hat clue.. or my guth spear drop, dunno ny more :P
  5. I knew it from the time when I kept hitting 31 several times and not even a single 32 hit. People just make wrong assumptions up :roll:. And thanks guys :). According to the max hit calc on the site you can actually hit a 33... :roll: 99 strength + Rune 2h + amulet of strength + strength potion (at it's max) + the best strength prayer and the rune gauntlets from FoG. :thumbsup:
  6. Nice amount of slayer dart runes :o Gratz on the level :thumbsup: Have fun with the best looking cape (IMO) in the game :thumbsup: : \
  7. Gratz :thumbsup: EDIT: Now go get 100m total exp :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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