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  1. personally if you didn't care i think you would have just quit without making a topic, i can tell you like the game a lot and i doubt you'll quit, if you do you'll be back. just play in your SPARE time and do things that are important first ?
  2. you will regret training your defence. if i was you i'd get 99 prayer thought, why not ;)
  3. Morphiar

    Range Tank

    yeah but get 94 mage for veng too
  4. become a tank. get 75 attack, 73 strength with 99 defence, range, mage. longterm.
  5. Gorrilla things probably better/cheaper.
  6. came back after 6 months or so last week. My 20,000 gamerscore on xbl rocks your socks.
  7. Hello, I've been working on this pure for a little while. Was wondering whether to get 70att, 70 str, 99 def, 99 range. Or 60 att, 99 str, 45 def, 99 range. Give advice and suggestions on what I should do please. Btw, done all defence exp quests needed, including monkey madness. Combat Level : 77
  8. Played for about 3-4 years on this account. Give ideas on what to do next please. =D>
  9. Amazingly fantastic. Just that type of player that makes Runescape better, it's hard to find one like you, 90% of Runescape are pretty mean. Grats on all the achievements, good year for you. Gl in 2008.
  10. If you want the truth, you can't PK or Edit. Why make a vid that's meant to be "amazing"? Sorry to burst the bubble but you need to reconsider yourself and take a bit more of a challenge instead of hitting off the 1 itemers. I clicked the X halfway through. 3/10 for trying, sorry.
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