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  1. Side account, wanting to do some sort of staker/fun Pker. Wanting to do something unsual and unique, with all the bots now adays having a maxed pure is nothing special. Was thinking about these stats, please Rate/Hate/Advise. Attack-20 Strength-99 Defence-70 Hitpoints-99 Prayer-1 Summoning-1 Range- Anything between 1-78 doesn't raise combat Mage- Anything between 1-78 doesn't raise combat Combat-80 Pking aspect- Would be facing a lot of pures pking in the wild, I don't think they would hit [cabbage] against 70 defence in torags to be honest. Would be using a super ++ poison weapon, recoil rings, and obby maul. Max hit with Obby maul + necklace would be 41.7. I know it would be expensive to die however I have a lot of gp it's easy as hell to make these days. Dueling aspect- Not to sure on this subject but obviously 20 attack I'd be using currupted vls. Potential of hitting 31.7 without any strength bonus boots. I'd be doing some armour on such as legs and helm, or all. 99 Hp would give me a big advantage at 80 combat. Obviously doing 10+M stakes to make up for the cvls's ill be buying. Overall I think it'd be a fun and unique account to have. Getting sick of the same builds and wanting to make something different than the normal runescape account trends. Please comment :D
  2. Hello Welcome to my thread. I was trying to think of a build that most people havent thought of for staking, and I wanna know what everyone thinks. I will be boxing only. 1 Attack 99 Strength 99 Defence 99 Hitpoints with 82 combat. Obviously with 1 attack I wont be hitting very often, However ill have the possibility of hitting 11.8 when I do. ONLY 82 Combat with 3x 99s Other boxing accounts around lvl 82 are as follows- 80 att 50 str 80 def 80 hp 80 att 60 str 75 def 78 hp ect.... Just a idea, what u guys think.
  3. Hello just got 99 summoning! Current stats! My combat is 100+12 in bh, all i do is bounty hunter, im good at it, and own just about everyone my level, have made 300m pking from bh, I think it might be time to move on. I'm kinda getting tired of logging in and only pking, I don't enjoy skilling. So I have an idea of getting these stats. -99 att -99 str -75 def -99 range -99 prayer -99 mage -99 summon That way I can use the new prayers which seem to own, I will be doing all the quest points, will be open to new content updates ect, Will these proposed stats do well in bounty hunter edgeville 1v1? 120+12 combat. Or do you think I should keep my stats I have?
  4. Which is better in terms of saving money? Does anyone know? Burst is obviously cheaper, But barrage does more damage and hits more accurate, I have been bursting but just want to know if it would save me time to barrage, and cost about the same....
  5. I actually pk, ags really helps, but im also 99 range so i could always degrade to claws.. then save back up to ags. I hope it gets close to 99 :S? my calculations are probably wrong, i thought it was like 170-200m bursting? Im 99 magic....
  6. Hello, I've made a decent pile of cash with the new pking system, Currently have ags and about 92m Cash. 99 summon has always been a stat i've longed for and plan to get it sooner or later. 1.If you were me would you sell the ags and get 99 summoning now by bursting rock lobsters? OR 2.Would you save up another 80m cash so you dont have to sell ags? Please tell me option 1 or option 2 :D thanks :D
  7. Hello, :thumbsup: Sorry if this question has already been answered, but I wanna know a ballpark range on how much it costs to burst/barrage rock lobsters + all supplies for 99 starting from scratch. Answers are greatly appreciated.
  8. You know what? The lot of you guys are a bunch of [wagon]. Parden my french, but seriously, can't you understand the dedication it took to keep that skill one after over 3 years, I have 99 strength 99 mage 99 range, these skills weren't the easiest thing to achieve with 1 defence. One defence is what made my account stand out from the others, made it unique, and if you can't understand that, then I think your all a bunch of nub cakes. + I already have a main, look at my sig, I dont need another account with 99 def.
  9. :oops: Yeah So I was Barraging at rock lobsters, Died, came back to get grave, right when I clicked special attack and attacked the barriers to get to my body.... I got 2 defence. When I got this I lost all hope I had for the account, Not sure what levels to do now, Cause 2 defence is just fail, was thinking about making it 45 defence, Really need help on some suggestions.
  10. I know you already said it's not a option, But I'll explain my reasoning. Either way f2p or not, with those stats people know your elite. There's alot more items, skills, I mean you've conquer f2p, I think you should conquer p2p now, But I understand your reasoning also, I just couldn't play this game without membership, f2p is boring for me so. Either way a obvious 10/10
  11. Takes some time to get a target, but it sure as hell pays off when you get one :D Not too bad.
  12. Thanks so much for all the amazing comments. I am 82 combat, when I get 99 hp I'll be maxed at 83 combat. -Magic was a combo of pest control and alching, Also a little soul wars at the end. -Yeah pretty sure I'm going to keep 60 attack. -New goal is 99 woodcut, I also agree I would look a little like a skiller with that woodcut cape, a little disguise would be funny :P -Also After 99 woodcut I believe I will go for all 60+ stats like was suggested, Of course I won't be raising prayer, defence or summoning. Again thanks for comments.
  13. Yeah, 75 attack has crossed my mind, not sure though. claws work well for koing.
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