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  1. its great fealing :D i was it with hunter.. pretty high :P gives you so good feelign where all ppl know you:P nice summon.. and dont take a long break.. cuz you never train the skill again than...
  2. tha fam / atomiques :P change that noob :o and nicee barroww gloovees :) gl with that mageee: O
  3. update your sig.. [email protected] mothfuker:P gratz hazzeee:O where was i ? with everyparty i'm not online.. or when i'm gone eveverbody makes the party... anyways assume :D next goal:P?
  4. tbh its noting special that you get all puches in 1 triop.. its more special when you dont get that... kinda useless now.. but pouches are really usefull and gl with rcing
  5. venqeance for noob.. i'm still bigger noob than you :o but i come :D already got 30 farm xD anyways graaatz at 1300 tootaal.. cook is for dumass:O but every level is a level! which gloves you could wear now? btw is there still some quest we could do together.. Me as lvl 3.. :(
  6. Hi ÃÆÃâÃâí'm tha fam... Ive played this acc around 2 years. At start of this year i had 1600 total and now i had 1850... I get my first 99m Ive stopped a few times in this period.. and play alot weeks really less... then in october i got scammed i gave my stuff to a freind.. when i said i quit.. i came back but he doesnt want to give it me back... i started from nothing.. mined rune ores did some barrow runes.. earned verac and i get to dking.. i got around 20m... and did like 5 trips to bandos.. and we got pl8 :o and thats when i got godsward addicted ( alreayd was dk;P) got a few plates and tass 1 boots :P and allloooot of shard... then i go to armadyl.. and got first trip nothing.. than 1 month later i tried to go again and i got armadyl chestplate:D thann.. i go 1 more trip and i get hilt!!!! i was so happy... made alot of money that day around 50m:O and maked my bankworth 130m :D checked it today... That was godwars now dk:P when i earned my first 40m i decied to buy 100k deaths and go to dk.. at start i was really lucky! got almost each trip good drops.. then i got in around 15 trips 2 warrs 1 d axe 1 zerker i thought (thats bad for dking) i decied i wont go mages.. and i should only do hyb and suicide.. what i like for 1 stupid reason in my suicide carreer igot 2 d axes XD 1 archer 1 seers...:P anyways i leveld 99 cook this year nice total and a great ammount of money this year (money last 2 months) but thann.. today.. oldyearsday i try to log in.. ur acc is disables... first i think wtf.. see mail and see perm banned.. reason i maid offensive langue... check around 2 months ago when i lost everything... i did go to p hat section and wanna see the most value item in game crack... so i thougt how do i do that.. i thougth i just say i buy 1.. so i said buy crack... and than 2 months later i see it and i think OMG I DIDNT MENT IT THAT WAY!.. i ment cristmas cracker... So all was gone... ALL my hard work.. for everything theres a time.. but it has to me my time and not because something stupid.. Some personal good freinds I had a hard year last year.. i make it short broke 3 times my leg this year (that isn't really normal) and i turned 16.. and for 1 reason its the age you get problems with your parents... anyways most ppl know me from the worst english that there is... SO i think i introduce a new tip it game.. FIND THE THA FAM FAULT!:) hope you like it..:P this was my last message and i will upload pics later MAYBE first i wanna tank some ppl... FIRST OF ALL! tip. iters... Venqeance= 1 of my best buddys last months.. really let me enjoy runescape and i wanna say him 1 thing.. I love you even with soilwork :) + I add the song venqeance is my to my favorits.. that everytime i look at it.. it will let me think of you.. Draco.. not really much a friend... etc:O uhm.. kirk arvid etc.. just whoole goff.. even the ppl who I hate.. i think i'm like them now... michel... just for being good rs buddy olav nocode and alooot moer guys in my friendlist.. most of them are non tip it sooo... goodbyee MIss ya all FUn in love and at shey style Shey
  7. walka dont forget my bandos tassets.. gf 50m day (3 trips ) xD
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