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  1. I quit in September 2009, just recently started playing. I was shocked to see how many people actually use a bot, I don't get it, so many things have changed and like you mentioned, people used to get a perm ban for macroing once! If you think about it, the more bots there are, the more money Jagex gets from membership payments... In my opinion that part of the game is ruined, you see tons of skillcapes now, which I believe a lot of them are achieved by using macro programs. I miss the good old days, where people would follow you saying: omg nice skill cape :P! It wont stop me from playing now, but if things do get worse, Jagex's gonna find theirselves cutting down on their profit.
  2. I do remember you Sir har har tlar :P... thanks man, It'll take a while coz of my job but I'm determined so no worries there hehe! Thanks! It sure does bring back old memories hehe, surely miss how things were less optionable.. so many things have changed now! Thanks a lot! I can surely use the motivation, but like I replied to SirHartlar, I'm determined hehe
  3. What!? :D Nice achievements, didn't know your overall level's gone up so far haha! Very nice, keep up the good work... And I realise I have some catching up to do :P
  4. I found some old pictures in my older topics here on TIF which you can find in the Hide message above! Quite funny how that armour was still expensive and the best armour at that time lol... Comes to realise how things on RuneScape have changed...
  5. Wow... Didn't even know your overall level got that high :P! Almost there! Good luck :-)!
  6. I know right! I quit in September 2009, but something dragged me back to the game now hehe.. Thanksss, same for you! :-)
  7. Hya! Remember me? :-P i had u on my friends list a few years ago but quit myself.. Recently started playing again now :-)! Good luck with your goals!
  8. Very nice progress you've made so far! Almost there now, good luck! :-)
  9. Heya all! Welcome to my blog! A brief introduction: I started playing RS in 2006, somewhere in June. In September 2009 I got bored of RuneScape and decided to quit. But I'm back now! I reckon most people don't remember me, but I've been a tip.it member for quite a while now... Maxing my stats out has always been my goal from the very start, I had 15 maxed out skills when I quit, which means I only have 10 skills left to max right now! [hide=Old pictures and vid!] Since I removed every picture of RS on my computer when I quit, I had to go through my older topics on TIF, and look what I found! :P (these are obviously not all the picture I found, but I'd say these are the one worth posting here) Oldest stat picture (April 2007 I think) First whip drop ever (when Abyssal Demons were still worth killing) Random: Does anyone remember this one? :P: Last but not least: 85 Slayer vid! http://users.telenet.be/2Real4U_Productions/Slayer%2085.wmv [/hide] Onto My goals Skill: Starting level/current level/level goal Prayer: 96/96/99 Runecrafting: 94/94/99 Construction: 85/85/99 Dungeoneering: 81/81/99 Agility: 86/86/99 Herblore: 94/94/99 Mining: 86/86/99 Fishing: 85/85/99 Woodcutting: 94/95/99 Summonning: 98/98/99 I haven't taking any pictures now as I wasn't planning on making a blog at first. So these are the stats I had when I started my blog [hide=Woodcutting] [/hide] If anyone does remember me, please do say hi! :D Feel free to add me In-Game aswell: Hazezor Motivative posts are much appreciated! *Blog still under construction*
  10. Our stats look very much alike, the only difference with me is that I've been near the edge of quitting ever since I got myself 99 Farming. But oh well, 99 Farming was my biggest achievement on RuneScape, you should be proud of this cape, well done, 10/10 ;)
  11. You made me log in on TIF again omg. "Pride of SnC" You should have highlighted me :( I wanted to be there :| Grats babe
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