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  1. Insaneo. Let's see the colors you picked out on your Completionist Cape.
  2. I fully intend to loaf around in Cwars to 5,000 games if it ever comes to that. If I played the game with full attention for like... I think it's 96 days for the 5,000 games + waiting room time... anyway I'd be disappointed as hell in myself.
  3. So I'm gettin into staking a bit, mage boxing with smoke/shadow/blood barrage. I have 99 Magic, but is Magic and HP all that matters in a mage boxing duel? Or does defense come into play as well?
  4. i got your total lvl 258 total lvls ago and 2 years ago, you're still [cabbage]. aaaaanyways i just got my fire cape recently aswell, grats :P I didn't post a thread asking for a rating on my total level.
  5. I got that thing 5 years, 43 combat, 22 ranged, and 18 defense levels ago. 2/10
  6. We complain because seriously, if you don't have fun playing the game (and grinding is part of the game - a huge part) just quit. I enjoy the grind, but it's not even really a grind to me. Simply play less per day, I play maybe 2 hours a day sometimes more and it's always fun. If it stops being fun, I find something else to do. I'll reach my goal levels someday and it'll be that much sweeter.
  7. What's the problem with botting now, you ask? Well I think it's... actually pretty shocking! Usually you see a bot and you can easily tell it's a bot: Stupid random string of letters and numbers for a name, Dragon med/skirt with whip and Granite plate, mindlessly running around, usually level 85ish... but wait, that guy has full bandos, a 99 str cape, and a chaotic rapier. He's obviously a main, and he's not afraid of botting? Couldn't he be risking all the work he (probably didn't) put into that account? Have the bots really become that good? That people aren't afraid of risking such a high level account with what I assume is many hours of investment? Is there just no suitable punishment for them? I've read about people only getting 10-day bans for macroing when I remember that you'd get your stats wiped for it and around the advent of RS2 just a full on permanent ban. How many people on the hiscores can we even trust anymore? People seem just peachy to bot with their mains even now. I've seen tons of Runecrafting capes around, on lower level players (sub 110 combat). Too many, even. Stereotypically I'd only ever see that cape on level 126s and eventually 138s. Sure you could blame it on easier leveling like ZMI but that's not where all these "good" 99s are being achieved with hard work or dedication. Sure, I've reported maybe a dozen main/pure accounts at the Blue Dragons today (mostly out of asspain that it took so long to do 128 Blue dragon task), but I have little faith in Jagex actually doing anything about them. Out of probably hundreds of reports across my years of playing RS, I've only gotten one message in my inbox saying that Jagex took action against a player I reported. And I always made sure of making good reports too, nothing over stupid crap. Feels like I'm losing faith in the game, to be honest. I don't trust anyone I see with their accomplishments unless I can tell they haven't botted. How many botters are among us anyway? Like I said, people seem just fine with botting on their main accounts....
  8. I remember when Fletching was so profitable but just as fast as it is now, and people would fletch to 99 and buy a Blue partyhat (10m at the time). Mask sets were like 800 as well and Santas 150k. Makes me want to slap myself for not getting 99 Fletching.
  9. While his account is really good, he's obviously only avoiding 99s to be as special as the people who want 99s for no good reason. Still a 9/10, had to point out hypocrisy though.
  10. Cuppyyyyyyyy. Just showing the blog some love. :) I haven't seen you around lately, I'm about to pass you up in Smithing! Oh and I'm unmuted haha.
  11. thanks for the rating! good luck on 120 dung..o wait! There's a difference between 120 Dung and "120" Agility... At 120 Dungeoneering you actually GET a reward... So GF with your horrendous argument.... but grats still I guess... im not trying to be rude but... 120 dung cape < rank 8 agility forever Subjective. We can both agree they're wastes of time both for stupid reasons (showing off a decent looking cape with a badass emote and being rank 8 Agility on Runescape forever). OT: 10/10.
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