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  1. whoaaaa its been a while since i actualy posted on this but... ive been very active with my team how about you guys? :D season still isn't half over so anyone can win still. It's very tight right now im only 1 point ahead of second place Hopefully i can stay in first place though for the rest of the year :thumbsup:
  2. lol i find it funny how a lot of people didn't notice the 99 construction. just the 69 fletch lmfao. nice job
  3. rofl trobz. xD gratz again olleh nub. btw i have his pants guyz. ill start the bidding at uhh.... $1
  4. I was bored so i thought id finally post these pics lol
  5. I bet all of Boston lol'd at this ya manny used to be my favorite player when he was with boston haha. idk tbh. they aint said its steroids yet lol. It's funny though cuz jason bay hit a 3 run homer yesterday and today... for those of you that don't know hes the one the sox got for trading manny. Another topic... How bout a-rod's first at bat back from the DL? lmfao... i have him on my team but guess what... i forgot to take him off the dl b4 the game started >.> so i lost a homer, run scored, and 3 rbis becasue of that
  6. Up to 1.5k crimson charmssss yay... 7.5% the way there >.> Just found out im gettin 275 crims per 1k bursts =p So Instead of 160mil for 99 summon i think it will cost no more then 140mil \ wewt!
  7. lol thanks for all the posts guys :thumbsup: Got over 1k crimson charms from slayer over the course of 2k weeks Now i'm starting to burst rock lobsters :? By the time i'm done i'll probably have a name for each of the 9 lobsters haha maybe ill post a fun screenie here in a few days
  8. :-# ...lmfao Red sox = 7 game win streak ftw? \
  9. Awesome guide! This method/spot is working great for me so far :thumbsup: Now i begin the long haul to 20k crimson charms >.> 99 summon p10x
  10. absolute bull crap that they suspended him :thumbdown: How do you not get ejected from a game and then get suspended for 6 days? The league obviously felt bad that the sorry [wagon] angels got 4 guys ejected from the game for not knowing how to shut up and sit back down on the bench. Mike Soscia (who cares how u spell it) should have gotten a suspension for being ejected and then coming back out onto the field to yell at the umpire again the next inning. as for the throw over abreu's head... He was wayyyyy into his windup when the umpire called timeout. I still don't get how you can prove someone purposely throws a ball over a guys head. Obviously the idiots who suspended him think they can. Kevin Youkillis actually GOT hit in the head tonight. it kinda grazed his helmet but still.... you didn't even see the Red Sox get off their bench let alone ask for the pitcher to be ejected.
  11. eek! :shock: lol and olly told me that it takes forever to get claws... :?
  12. Look at the first line in the chatbox :lol: that j3n guy was so annoying. i said that rip is next internet meme on a response to one of the rip threads. he wouldnt stop quoting the threads >.>
  13. haha glad to see this league is probably going to work out! You hear that tip.it?!? FANTASY SPORTS [email protected] woot! we did it haha! First tip.it fantasy sports league ftw =]
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