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  1. Rating anyone on any system in this game is over rated. But as far as total levels go, sure. The way that I "rate" people, if I have to, is mostly through their knowledge of tons of different RS topics, and then their knowledge about a few specific topics that they love the most.
  2. Haha, leave it up to Berrakus to burst someone's bubble without even trying... My man-crush..
  3. Question: Answer: Just fyi :) Keep it up buddy... ! P.S. When Two Are One = The [cabbage]!
  4. It's ALWAYS women.. Argh. We'll be here when you get back man. And just remember, Runescape is the perfect escape from real life sometimes, it doesn't always have to be for when things are amazing. :)
  5. Thanks, and don't worry, I won't. I know this won't be fun, but I'm going to make it as least painful as possible by restricting myself to 1-3 hours a day maximum, and still doing lots of other things I enjoy. I know it'll take a bit longer that way, but.. I'm not in a rush. Here's one small update for anyone in suspense...!
  6. I knew you were going to get one instead of those swords if you just kept with it. I didn't say anything 'cause I didn't wanna jynx ya. :) Congrats!
  7. You realize no one gives a [cabbage] because this thread isn't about you, right? There are always better achievements, and all of the "Well I got..." people out there really ruin this forum. Just wondering. OT: Congrats, first drop being a hilt is pretty nice... Just remember not to believe this will happen each and every time or else you may be in for a rude awakening.. Gj. :)
  8. On a serious note, that isn't bad at all.. I've never been able to get more than say, 20 or so... good work.
  9. Thanks, I like the random pics. I have another computer full of them at home from a year or two ago that I might try to dig up.. might be fun. Bank was before the bones, so I'm down to like.. 15m cash. Couple claw drops after I get 99 prayer and you won't even notice the bone costs gone though, hehe. Great thanks :) I noticed you had a couple 99s recently, gj. :)
  10. Glad I can be of service :) Thanks, I think so too. (About the cape) And Yeah I knew rune boots were gonna tank, it was a while type of opportunity, heh. -I'm not going to burn myself out too much with the prayer though, just doing 1-2k bones here and there as I please. It'll come.
  11. Gj, and now that you are done watching HP exp..slowly notice the experience hit 18m, 20m.. 25m.. Heh.
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