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  1. Hello all, I'm thinking about getting a subscription again after a long hiatus. I haven't played for roughly 2 years, but I've been keeping up with the updates so I have a faint idea of what's going on. One of my main questions is whether or not to buy a Vine Whip (I still have an abyssal whip in my bank). I'll probably be doing a lot of PvM, specifically Slayer, and I have around 20m cash to spend. Is buying one worth the minor bonuses, or is there a better item I should be getting? Chaotic weapons are still a couple dozen Dungeoneering levels away for me, and I've always preferred one-handed non-degradable weapons with a defender. Thanks in advance, and any other tips for a returning noobie would be much appreciated!
  2. Is this all theoretical? Because if not, it would be difficult (to say the least) to time cannon, familiar and controlled weapon damage to hit all at the same time.
  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. Hi all, Apparently I input some weird key combination on my keyboard, and now my mouse scrolling function is disabled on all webpages and in all applications. I think it has something to do with the "F Lock" (function lock) and "ScrLk" (scroll lock) keys, but I've tried every combination of ctrl+alt+scrlk (with Function Lock both off and on) and nothing has fixed it I have a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000, and a Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.1. I've tried changing the settings in my control panel to no avail. So far, nothing has worked to fix the problem. The interwebz have failed me in my search for help, so I beg you, the Tip.It community, to save me! Kthxbi Love, ~Kazel
  5. Hey there, I'm Kazel. I stopped playing RuneScape back in September, but I've recently returned and I had a few questions... 1. Why is the price of whips so high? 2. What is a mint? I see a lot of people "selling whips for mint + cash" and I have no idea what that means. 3. Are there new Champion's Challenges? 4. I totally forgot what I used to own. Currently I have a few teleport runes, some terrorbirds + scrolls, a Slayer helm, full ranged Void, a rune defender, my old quest cape (still need to finish the most recent quests to wear it), fighter torso, Verac's skirt, barrows gloves and rune boots. I'm working on buying a whip and dragon scimitar. Are there any other essential items I need? Any other tips would be appreciated, and thanks in advance to anybody who answers. Safe adventuring :^_^:
  6. Reds are probably the best range xp in the game, if used properly. However, if you're just going for casual ranging then I would recommend selling the chins you catch and buying a rune c'bow and broad bolts.
  7. Somebody has too much time on their hands ;) Seriously though, that's just insane. It's torture for me to just win one or two games to buy some Lunar tabs... 10/10, congrats. You deserve it.
  8. 4/10 I recognize the name, I'm sure I've seen you a few times, just can't remember where or when.
  9. You could alternatively Dharok Monkey Guards on Ape Atoll and use the 15% prayer. No Salve bonuses, but the only costs are antipoisons and repairs (there's an altar right next to the area where you would be.) Of course, who needs that when you've got Slayer?
  10. I was playing a game earlier where I had everyone piled on top of each other as my regular strategy. Somebody used four or five Chompas and got every single one of the units down to half-health. I got owned. So yes, they affect every unit in a stack.
  11. Actually, if you're good, Green Dragons can make you 400k+ an hour. Pick up the dragonhide and bones and sell them, and any key halves or other rare items you get. Aviansies are good too, possibly better, but you can only range them. If you have a good Range level, possibly 90+, you could do better than at Green Dragons. Also, no need to bank since everything worth picking up is either stackable or alchable.
  12. Do a lot of people use it for PKing? Cuz when I seee vids it's usually rune armour then that helm of NEITIZNOT thingy. If you're really rich and can afford to spend money on Statius and Vesta armour for the small amount of time you can use it, and you believe you will make back the money you spent, then go ahead. It's much more economical, however, to simply use rune armour and take your chances with the lower defense bonuses.
  13. His head was obviously far too inflated. "Check meh oot, I haz pixlz, I r pwnz u narbz." I always make an effort to talk to people unless I'm browsing the forums. Oh, and if this occured at Waterfiends, don't be discouraged. Nobody talks at Waterfiends. :lol:
  14. Amount of wealth in PVP drop = amount of wealth your opponent was carrying at time of death. [/answer] We already scared off all the RWT'ers, and how is this any worse than what we have now?
  15. Wow, went off for the weekend on vacation and already got a few replies. Let's see where to start... Thank you very much. Yes, it's my first rant. I knew I would get a few people coming in to yell at me, but the replies here are very intelligible. While I understand where you're coming from on this one, and agree that calling is impeccably important, I think that you can take a few seconds before calling. I only get annoyed with the people who give you absolutely no chance to call before yelling at you. I'm not flaming those who want to get better, I'm getting annoyed at the perfectionists who leave no margin for error. Nobody's perfect. And I doubt that first-timers would cause these kinds of problems anyways, because they would have no idea how to compare a "hard" Defender job to something easier, or know that the cannon "makes you lose points". Again, thanks for all the constructive criticism. Keep it coming!
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