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  1. Uploaded with ImageShack.us finally done with this skill... I wont be woodcutting for a while! :D #14th 99, goals are 80+ all skills or 99 slayer, WOOT!
  2. I got no idea, I Don't log my kills, and probably around 350k per trip.. we average 12 kills per trip 6 man For stunning, rune crossbow hits 25s too much.
  3. pretty good imo, heres the spec drop. still corping with overloads/turmoil :P 2 months work so far. Hope I get a divine or ely.
  4. :oops: woops double post well i guess it doesnt hurt to put my nub drop after that hilt in this post...
  5. and a little later... Clan event. :) crimson knights ftw and i called this :D but my split was off alot. 3 man ss :) ^^ end of clan event start of it we got this. also soloed another claws :)
  6. 99 Thieving 99 Summoning 99 Fletching Current Goals: Raise a pet Dragon, ofc. 2200 total. (x)99 fletching. 99 Firemaking. 80+ all stats
  7. yus i soz but leik all teh bad comments laik hurt mai fweelinz so plese rate on teh 99 ranged not teh gwerammer pl0x ty fer all teh gewd comentz kingbrooks u hav gewdnezz in u peace
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