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  1. HI GUYZZZ!!11!! long time no seee.
  2. You Were Always The One - The Cribs. favourite band and song ever.
  3. The Cribs The Libertines Passion Pit Biffy Clyro Dirty Pretty Things
  4. that first one is really nice. :) however, the other ones appear to have too much contrast, apart from the second which i thought was pretty good, got a nice piratey feel to it :D. the rest however arent great, on the 3rd one, selective colour doesnt really work often. On the 4th one the contrast has went sky high, and has left the sky looking really sharp looking, which in my opinion is not good. Try not to over filter your work, but the first one, spot on, great! :)
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEWLZxSGvZw
  6. my pleasure, just realised, you made my libertines signature! THANK YOU<3
  7. love Sorry, Youre Not a Winner, i watched the clips from reading, and it would have been mint if i went. :(
  8. terrys my middle name, i prefer it to my first one, which is martin :P
  9. The background is basically just white without it, but i can take it off his face and make it less noticeable if thats cool?
  10. thats rightt :D and some of these bands arent too famous, but some of them are really quite big :P Well I could go around googeling for some of them, but that's no fun :P go on, theyre small, can barely read some of them, and theyre slightly blurry. the use of google tool is allowed.
  11. thats rightt :D and some of these bands arent too famous, but some of them are really quite big :P
  12. I thought this would be fun. I took my lastfm signature thing, made it smaller and blurred it a little. Thought it would be fun to make a little game to see who can name these albums, how about it? ;D some are harder than others.
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